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Welcome to SovereignBoss, one of the leading providers of equity release and later-life finances and care information in the UK. Our trusted portal is here to guide you through all your decision-making and to help you get in touch with some of the top providers on the market.


What We Do

For every step of the way, SovereignBoss is there

We help UK citizens of all ages find the best retirement care and financial solutions to suit their needs.

We’re constantly keeping up-to-date on the latest innovations and sharing news through simple and easy-to-read content.

It’s our goal to deliver in-depth content, leading UK retirees to make their retirement and financial decisions with confidence. We also guide on the best solutions on the market and companies that one should avoid.

Our Customers

Whether you’re young or old, it’s never too late to start planning for your retirement

While we specialise in information for over 55s, we’re proud to share additional content and our aim is to help people of all ages plan ahead to meet the demands of their future.

There’s no wonder that UK citizens turn to SovereignBoss for guidance.

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Our Mission

To empower people towards making smarter equity release decisions

We believe

Integrity is priceless

We strive for honesty and ethics in everything that we do.
We prioritise

People over profits

We firmly believe that achieving business goals happen naturally when you put people first.
We know that

Personal finance is personal

We approach every decision with empathy and take time to understand where people are at.

Who We Are

Equity release news from a team you can trust

As one of the leading equity release information portals, SovereignBoss is praised for offering accurate and up-to-date information on the latest market trends.

about our clients

What we offer

Rates, tools & guidance for every step of your equity release journey

SovereignBoss is the first stop on your way to a retirement that is financially free. Whether you’re young or old, it’s never too early to explore the world of equity release and later-life care. We offer:
  • Award-winning editorial content.
  • Regular new content, bringing you the latest equity release news.
  • FREE calculator tools.
  • Shop and compare the best equity release lenders on the market.
  • Objective and unbiased content.
  • Engaging blog posts on the latest financial news.
  • Detailed information on wills, trusts, probates, and getting the right financial advise.
We regularly review the fluctuating interest rates, bringing you a constant flow of the latest equity release information. In other words, SovereignBoss is one of the best places you can turn in reviewing what rates you might obtain. In addition, our articles are designed to give you step-by-step support on how to be prepared for your retirement, leave a lasting legacy, and unlock equity. In addition, we’ll share who exactly qualifies for various schemes, and where to turn for the best and safest offers.

Why people turn to SovereignBoss

The go-to source for all things equity release

Whether you’re new to the world of equity release or an expert in the field, you’re bound to find appealing content to help you on your journey.

We’ll help you determine your next financial move.

Our equity release content that’ll give you a complete A-Z education on the topic, compare deals, and use one of our calculators to get a sense of how much equity you might be eligible to unlock. 

Simply put, we’re your expert guide.

How we make money

Keeping Your Financial Journey in Mind

With 100’s of articles and blog posts available for you to browse free of charge, we’ve let very few topics go untouched. Furthermore, if we find a gap in the market, we’ll be sure to update our site with new information.

SovereignBoss editorial team

Meet our expert writers, reporters & editors

In the News

Media mentions & coverage

In Dec 2021 alone, our work in the field has been referenced by over 15 top publications, looking for the best advice on the market. We’re proud of our hardworking team and the work they’ve put in to make SovereignBoss the success that it is.

Take a look at the fantastic references of our content right here!

We hope that you enjoy exploring everything that SovereignBoss has to offer. From equity release resources to the latest financial blog posts, we have it all!


Our Editorial Integrity Is Not for Sale

SovereignBoss works as an independent, advert-supported publisher and evaluation service. We are compensated in exchange for placed features of sponsored products and services or clicking on links posted on this website. This may impact the way products appear. We don’t include all companies or all available products.

rachel w

Rachel Wait
Personal Finance Journalist

Rachel is an experienced finance journalist and editor with a particular interest in personal finance and consumer affairs. She has vast experience writing about money issues, property, insurance, and consumer affairs, and you’ll find her articles regularly featured in top media and newspaper publications.
john lawson profile.jpg

Written by
John Lawson
Founder SovereignBoss

John is passionate about education and has made it his life-long mission to assist UK citizens on their future financial options, with a specialist interest in equity release, and SovereignBoss is the natural extension of this passion.

Reviewed by
Francis Hui
Senior Risk Manager

Having held various high-level roles across the industry, Francis is truly an expert in aiding UK citizens in their financial decisions and risk analysis. His unique insight and statistical knowledge make him the perfect person to help you take your financial future to the next level.
kath icon

Katherine Read
Consumer Affairs Writer

Since joining the editorial team at SovereignBoss, Katherine has become focused on bringing transparency to finances and opportunities for those approaching retirement age. She writes on the topics of equity release, home reversion, and mortgages.

Nicola Date
Writer & Journalist

Nicola is a financial writer for SovereignBoss and is passionate about the opportunities that equity release can open up for homeowners. Her extensive business experience and deep understanding of the industry means that she’s always up-to-date with the latest developments.

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