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Since her relocation, Nicola has enjoyed a colourful career spanning writing, arts management, journalism, and PR for various industries, with a special interest in financial topics. This has given her a diverse set of skills and a deep understanding of personal finance and financial business management.


Nicola holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours). During her time at university, Nicola specialised in business management, particularly focusing on the arts.


Some of Nicola’s career highlights include working on the PR team for the International Animations Festival, taking on the role of Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator at Reach for a Dream Foundation, and being the Art Department Financial Coordinator for The Amazing Race.

Nicola is a financial writer for SovereignBoss and is passionate about the opportunities that equity release can open up for homeowners. Her extensive business experience and deep understanding of the industry means that she’s always up-to-date with the latest developments.

Nicola is passionate about educating individuals of all ages and giving them the appropriate tools to make smart financial decisions. In addition to covering equity release topics in-depth, she has also written extensively on healthcare, aged-care and wellness topics. Her personable approach to writing means that her content is factual yet easy to read, making topics that are often overcomplicated accessible to everyone.



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