Produce Faster & Better Financial Research With These 19 Tools

19 Top Financial Investment Tools for Faster Research

Finance & Investment Tools Can Help You Make More Informed Decisions About Your Money. There Are so Many Tools Available On the Market, so It's Important You Choose the Right Ones for Your Needs. Here are the top 19.

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19 best finance and investment tools for faster research
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In the information era in which we live it would be a great pity not to take advantage of some of the tools that exist to help us make financially smarter decisions. We’ve shortlisted 19 of the best investment and finance tools to make your life easier. These tools will help you save money and make wise investment decisions.

Best Site for Financial Training

Tool #1: Street of Walls

The Street of Walls is a site for financial training that focuses on personal finance skills. They have courses in stocks, bonds, ETFs1 and more.

Street of Walls

Best Personal Finance Site

Tool #2: Mint

Mint is a free site that helps you manage all of your finances in one place. It’s also helpful for budgeting and money management2, as it has tools like graphs to help keep track of spending habits.


Top Asset Management Tools

Tool #3: SigFig

SigFig is an investment management3 system that helps you pick the investments with the best potential returns. It also offers guidance on what to do if your investments go down in value during a market downturn, and how much risk you should take when investing in stocks.


Tool #4: Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free, secure site for online money management that combines high-level insights on your portfolio with the latest market data.

Personal Capital

Tool #5: Betterment

Betterment is the first and only automated investing service that takes into account your goals, timeline for achieving them, tolerance for risk, and past investments to create a customized portfolio.


Tool #6: Level Money

Level Money is a free, secure online financial management service that tracks and analyses your income and expenses to give you the best possible understanding of where your money is being spent.

Level Money

The Top Earnings Estimate Site

Tool #7: Estimize

Estimize is the leading financial predictions platform, powered by a community of thousands of analysts and investors.


The Top Site for Deep Revenue Analysis

Tool #8: Trefis

Trefis is a financial modeling software with an intuitive interface that takes the mystery out of valuation, helping you forecast how your stocks will react to market movements.


The Best Finance Portal Sites

Tool #9: Finviz

Finviz is an interactive financial service that provides stock market research and analysis. It’s one of the leading providers of financial data and research for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and other securities.


Tool #10: Morningstar

Morningstar is an independent provider of investment research services, including stock market analysis and financial planning tools.


Tool #11: Gurufocus

Gurufocus is a leading finance website that provides in-depth coverage of stocks with an emphasis on value investing.


Best Data Visualization Websites

Tool #12: Bloomberg Visual Data

Bloomberg Visual Data is a data visualization4 service that provides unique and high quality, interactive charts for companies to track their progress.

Financial Investment Tools

Tool #13: XBRL

XBRL, or Extensible Business Reporting Language is a technical standard enabling the electronic exchange of business information using eXtensible Markup Language.


The Top Charting Websites

Tool #14: Trading View

Trading View is a social network for traders and investors, providing real-time data from the stock exchanges on one screen.


Tool #15: StockCharts.com

Stockcharts.com is a charting company that provides comprehensive charts for stock forecasts and commodities trading on the web

Stock Charts

The Best Site for Conference Calls

Tool #16: Earnings Cast

Earnings cast is a site that dissects conference call transcripts and sentiment to tell you what the CEO said, how they feel about their company’s prospects and what investors should know.

Earnings Cast

The Top SEC Filings Tools on the Web

Tool #17: SEC Live

SEC Live is a comprehensive mobile application for SEC filings, including company profiles and key information.

SEC Live

Tool #18: Rank and Filed

Rank and filed is a suite of free tools that help you find the best stocks, funds, ETFs, and options.

Rank and Filed

Tool #19: BamSEC

BamSEC is a comprehensive resource for SEC filings, including company profiles and key information.


Common Questions

What Are Finance and Investment Tools?

Why Do I Need to Use a Finance and Investement Tool?

Which Is the Best Finance and Investment Tool for Me?

How Can You Make Investing Easier With These Tools?

How do I know if there's a better tool than what I'm currently using?

In Conclusion

Making the right decision about your investments or financial decisions can be a daunting task. With so many tools out there, it’s hard to find which ones are best for you and what they offer.

Whether you need an app with extensive research capabilities, have a specific goal in mind like saving up for college tuition or want guidance from professionals as well as other students who may share similar goals, these free apps will help make better investing decisions easier than ever before.


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