The 5 Fintech Deals: Latest Innovations in the Financial Industry

The Future of Fintech: Top 5 Deals

Technology Is Rapidly Changing the Financial Industry. Fintech Deals Are Becoming More and More Common, With New Innovations in the Fintech Sector Being Announced Every Day.

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The FinTech industry is all about innovation. This is because FinTech deals are not only changing how people view banking and investing, but are also revolutionary in the way that financial services can be provided to customers.

Why pay more than you need to? Stay on the pulse by knowing the top 5 FinTech deals in 2021. Here they are!

Deal #1: Atom & Funding Circle 

Freshly launched in September 2020, Atom & Funding Circle is a new joint venture company created by Atom Bank (a digital-only bank) and Funding Circle.

The purpose of the partnership is to offer crowdfunded loans for SME businesses1. Funding Circle CEO Samir Desai leads this revolutionary FinTech deal.

Atom & Funding Circle

Deal #2: Tink & Wealthify

This FinTech deal was announced in October 2020. Tink, a London-based FinTech startup, merges with Wealthify to offer financial advice and investment management services to retail investors.

Wealthify currently has over £230 million AUM, and FinTech startup, Tink, will be using its technology to provide a better customer experience and cross-sell products from both companies.

Tink & Wealthify

Deal #3: Tide & Sage Pay

In November 2020, FinTech startup Tide announced its partnership with Sage Pay to offer a new card type. The Tide Card is targeted at the millennial market, and it’s expected that customers will be able to use their cards in over 300 different countries without any currency conversion fees.

The deal also includes integrating Sage Payment’s payment gateway technology and Tides’ wallet API2 when paying online or on a mobile device.

Tide & Sage Pay

Deal #4: Railsbank & Plaid

Railsbank is a FinTech startup that provides affordable credit to SMEs and has now partnered with Plaid, who offers banking services for businesses.

The FinTech deal will provide a partnership between the 2 companies where RailsBank can offer loans to customers through Plaid’s API platforms.

Railsbank & Plaid

Deal #5: ACI Worldwide & J.P. Morgan

In November 2020, FinTech company ACI Worldwide announced a FinTech deal with J.P. Morgan to offer its services for enterprise payments and transaction security solutions.

ACI is the leader in payment processing technology. At the same time, J.P. Morgan offered global financial capabilities. This important partnership will enable these 2 companies to develop joint innovative digital banking solutions.

Worldwide & J.P. Morgan

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In Conclusion

Fintech is a rapidly growing industry that is positively changing how we manage our finances. It will be interesting to see which of these companies comes out on top, but for now, it’s safe to say they are all innovative game-changers.


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