Best Mutual Funds Blogs in Oct 2021

The 20 Best Mutual Funds Blogs You Should Read

Contributors: Nicola Date, Katherine Read
Reviewed by Francis Hui

Mutual Fund Blogs Are One of the Most Popular Sources of Information for Mutual Fund Investors. They Provide a Lot of What You Need to Know About Mutual Funds Without Spending All Day Reading Through Mutual Fund Prospectuses and Financial Statements.

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20 Best Mutual Funds Blogs You Must Follow in 2021

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Mutual funds have been capturing the attention of investors for countless years.

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio and potentially improve your returns over the long term, they’re definitely worth looking into. You may not know it, but mutual fund blogs can offer you fantastic insight into this world, introducing you to insider secrets of successful investors.

We’ve got the inside scoop. We’re here to share the 20 mutual fund blogs that you should check out. Here they are!

#1: Vanguard Wellington Fund Investor Shares

Vanguard Wellington Fund Investor Shares blog provides mutual fund investment advice for long-term and short-term periods. In addition, they’re well-known for their high-quality content.


#2: Fidelity Magellan Fund

Fidelity Magellan Fund Investor Shares blog has a mutual fund investing perspective that is insightful and relevant to today’s investors.

Topics include mutual funds for your children, the latest in mutual fund companies, and more! You’re bound to find posts to suit your needs.


#3: T. Rowe Price New Horizons Fund

T. Rowe Price New Horizons Fund blog is a mutual fund investing resource that’ll give you expert insight into the world of mutual funds and the people behind them.

In addition, they provide tools to help you make informed decisions when it comes to your mutual fund investments.

T Rowe Price

#4: WealthTrust

The WealthTrust mutual fund blog is a great resource for investors.

Their articles cover all things mutual funds and general investments. This range of topics includes the types of accounts that can be invested in mutual funds.

Wealth Trust

#5: Mutual Fund Investor Guide

Mutual Fund Investor Guide blog is a great place to discover what you need to know about mutual fund investments.

Get the best advice and insights for individuals who are just starting to invest in mutual funds, and those doing so for many years.


#6: Freefincal

Freefincal blog offers mutual fund investment advice and vital information on gaining financial freedom.

Topics include mutual funds, index funds1, stocks, ETFs, and so much more!


#7: BasuNivesh

BasuNivesh’s blog provides insightful mutual fund investing information.

Their blog is useful for long-term investors and those just starting out. It’s one of the best places to find the top mutual fund research.

Basu Nivesh

#8: Mutual Funds Grow

Mutual Funds Grow blog offers FREE mutual fund investment advice and information to help investors grow their portfolios.

You can expect insights into the latest mutual funds, mutual fund investing trends, mutual funds for children, and so much more.


#9: MoneyExcel

This mutual fund blog is created by 2 top finance professionals, Alfred and Anita.

They offer helpful advice about investing in mutual funds. In addition, it’s a good place to learn exactly how mutual funds work before deciding where you should invest your money.

Money Excel

#10: Mymoneysage.in

This mutual fund blog is written by a finance professional who has devoted his life to assisting others in achieving financial freedom.

This blog provides readers with helpful tips and tricks about investing in mutual funds and any related topics that could change your life forever.

Money Sage

#11: Personal Finance Plan

The blog Personal Finance Plan is an independent resource that educates readers on achieving financial wellness through various topics.

Topics include: investing 101, retirement planning, managing your budget, and personal cash flow2.

Best Mutual Funds Blogs

#12: Unovest

Unovest is the ultimate destination for investors seeking financial independence. It promotes mutual fund investing, wealth management advice, and retirement planning to its readership of both retail and institutional clients.


#13: ReLakhs

ReLakhs is a mutual fund blog that covers both mutual funds and investing in general. You’ll get world-class investment advice on everything from generating income and managing debt to reducing taxes.


#14: Mutual Fund Critic

In this mutual fund blog, author Brian Wesbury profiles the mutual funds he believes are worth investing in.

He provides his portfolio of mutual funds for you to review and learn from before deciding on your own.

Mutual Fund Critic

#15: Investica

Investica is a blog that covers mutual funds and the financial markets. It has great content, including articles, interviews, and videos on different subjects, from investing in mutual funds to managers making decisions.

The site also offers information through their newsletter, including tips and advice on different topics related to mutual funds.


#16: Mutual Fund Observer

The Mutual Fund Observer, or MFO for short, was created by top mutual fund managers.

The site has a fantastic forum to discuss mutual funds and the financial markets in general without having too much advertising on it.

In addition, It has a podcast that covers a range of mutual fund related topics, including investing techniques and performance data.

Mutual Fund Observer

#17: Fidelity Trends

The Fidelity Trends blog is a great resource for mutual fund managers. It covers regulation and compliance, investor education, the markets in general, and different mutual funds available from Fidelity Investments.

Fidelity Trends

#18: My Plexus

The My Plexus blog is a mutual fund blog from the company. It has great articles on investments and performance of mutual funds and information for clients about different services, including mutual fund investing, advisor tips, meeting with managers, and more.

My Plexus

#19: Vipin Khandelwal

Vipin Khandelwal is a mutual fund manager that has a brilliant blog that’s worth checking out.

The site covers topics about mutual funds and investing in general and different resources like articles, podcasts, or videos from other experts on the topic.

Vipin Khandelwal

#20: Fidelity Select Software & IT Services Fund

Fidelity Select Software & IT Services Fund blog provides mutual fund investment advice about the company’s funds on offer. It’s a great place to go for information on the latest trends in mutual fund investing.

Fidelity Mutual

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How Do Mutual Funds Work?

How Much Do Mutual Funds Cost?

What Are Mutual Funds Used For?

In Conclusion

Mutual fund blogs range in topics, from how to invest wisely and get started with mutual funds or ETFs, to ways to manage risk and grow your portfolio.

The best part about a blog is that it can be updated as new information becomes available, so you have the most up-to-date advice at your fingertips.

Be sure to find a mutual fund blog that’s right for you!

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