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Equity Release

For homeowners over the age of 55 who want access to the money tied up in their property. With an equity release1  plan you can access the value of your home tax-free without having to sell.

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Home Reversion

Sell part, or all of your property in exchange for a cash lump2  sum and/or regular income. There is no interest with a home reversion3  plan and you are able to live rent-free in your own home.

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Lifetime Mortgage

A drawdown lifetime mortgage4  allows you to take an initial lump sum followed by a cash reserve facility for extra funds when you need them. This option helps limit the effect of compound interest.

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Reverse Mortgage

This is a reverse mortgage loan5  secured over your home. It allows you to access the value of your property. Funds can be taken as a lump sum or as monthly payments.

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