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Use the FREE Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage Calculator

See how much cash you can get from your home.​

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John Lawson
Last Updated: 25 Sep 2020
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Are you a retiree and are suffering from any pre-existing health conditions? Are you a homeowner with an estate worth more than €70,000 and within the remits of the UK?

According to statistics, the number of health conditions increases as people approach their golden years. At least two out of three retirees have high blood pressure or have suffered from an acute heart attack.  For that reason, ironically, having a history of medical conditions could be your best bet when taking out an equity release plan since you get to take out more capital than with other equity release1 mortgages.

By merely having pre-existing health issues, you can release more funds from the equity tied up in your home. Using the same underwriting as annuities2, your plan provider can use your life expectancy ration to determine how much you can get from your equity release scheme.

The enhanced lifetime mortgage or impaired lifetime mortgage is available if you one or more of a range of ill-health or lifestyle issues. These conditions vary from the health concerns you might be managing with prescription drugs. The conditions your lender will consider include:

Lifestyle choices like smoking or having a high body mass index also gets you qualified for the impaired lifetime mortgage plan.

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