Is Equity Release Supermarket the Best Place to Get Equity Release Advice?

The Best Equity Release Advice From Equity Release Supermarket
Contributors: Nicola Date, Katherine Read. Reviewed by Francis Hui
Are You Looking for the Best Place to Get Equity Release Advice? What Equity Release Plans Are Available & What Are the Benefits? Read Our Review & Discover if Equity Release Supermarket Is for YOU…

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Here’s the scoop on why equity release Supermarket’s the best place to get advice.

You’ve probably wondered how to become financially free during your golden retirement years. 

Equity release is a type of loan leveraged against the value of your property to release funds tied up in your family home. 

Are you looking to get the best equity release advice but are afraid of being scammed by a bogus equity release provider?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

What You’ll Learn in This Article:

    SovereignBoss is constantly reviewing Equity Release Supermarket to provide the most up-to-date information about their equity release products and services.

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    Here’s what we’ve found

    Who Is Equity Release Supermarket?

    Equity Release Supermarket is a financial services provider founded in 2008 by Mark Gregory.

    The founder of Equity Release Supermarket was an equity release adviser with a unique vision for helping thousands of retirees enjoy financial freedom.

    Equity Release Supermarket is a specialised equity release provided that has grown to become one of the leading equity release advisory services in the United Kingdom.

    Why Choose Equity Release Supermarkets?

    You should choose Equity Release Supermarkets if you want to release equity from your property. 

    The minimum requirements for equity release:

    • UK homeowner
    • If your property is valued at ÂŁ70, 000.
    • 50 years or older 

    Equity Release Supermarket is an award-winning equity release specialist that helps homeowners realise their goals and dreams. 

    What Can Equity Release Supermarket Advise Me On?

    Equity Release Supermarket can advise you on everything relating to equity release, from getting started with the paperwork to the end – including how to use your money.

    Types of Equity Release

    A few equity release plans are available to those who meet the minimum criteria.

    Popular plans include:

    • Retirement Interest Only mortgages (ROI) 
    • Home Reversion Plans
    • Lifetime Mortgages

    Less popular plans:

    • Lump-sum Lifetime Mortgages
    • Drawdown Lifetime Mortgages
    • Voluntary Repayment Lifetime Mortgages
    • Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages 
    • Enhanced Lifetime Mortgages 
    • Second Home Lifetime Mortgages 
    • Buy-to-let Lifetime Mortgages 

    Benefits of Equity Release 

    The benefit of equity release is that so many features can be mixed together to create a unique equity release plan that will suit your family and meet your financial needs. 

    Other benefits include:

    • You can remain in your family home without paying rent.
    • Depending on your plan, you retain 100% ownership of your house.
    • You never have to worry about paying off the debt.
    • You can make repayments if you want.
    • You can spend the money as you wish.

    Risks of Equity Release

    The risks of equity release could out way the benefits; depending on your situation, equity release might not be for everyone.

    Here are some reasons to be cautious:

    • You’ll be reducing your family’s inheritance once you pass.
    • If you choose not to make monthly repayments, the interest grows quickly.
    • It’s more difficult to move to another house.
    • You’ll pay an Early Repayment Charge if you want to pay off your loan earlier.

    Using Equity Release to Pay off Debts

    You can use equity release to pay off your debts a free up more of your monthly income. 

    As you get older, your monthly income starts to decrease, and the current cost of living makes it difficult to make monthly repayments back to lenders.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Equity Release Scheme

    When considering an equity release scheme, you should always proceed cautiously as you don’t want to worsen your financial situation.

    Here are some useful hints:

    • You should avoid paying for advice.
    • Consider alternatives to equity release.
    • Try to borrow what you need.
    • Consider your family and the inheritance you might not be able to leave them. 
    • Always seek financial advice before proceeding with equity release.

    Common Questions

    Who Is the Founder of Equity Release Supermarket?

    What Is the Cost of Equity Release Supermarket’s Services?

    In Conclusion

    There are many reasons equity release Supermarket’s the best place to get advice if you’re considering equity release to fund your retirement.

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