Equity Release Uses in 2022

What Are the Top 13 Best Equity Uses In 2022?
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What Can You Use Your Equity Release Money For? Can You Clear Your Mortgage, Pay Off Your Debt, Buy a Second Home or Pay for Care? Discover What the Top 13 Uses Are for Equity Release in 2022

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Imagine having the key to unlock all your bucket list dreams, which may be considered one of the common equity release uses.

Based on the latest real estate analysis reports, older homeowners have recently seen their estates’ value grow by almost £14 billion! Could you be holding a piece of that pie?

If you’re not careful, you could be sitting on a goldmine and not even know it! That’s where equity release comes into play.

We’re here to inspire you with:

  • The most common uses of equity release in Aug 2022.
  • How equity release can be life-changing for homeowners over 55.
  • How equity release can help you secure a better financial future.

We’ve spent hours researching more than 18 plan providers and examining statistics to unpack the top equity release uses in Aug 2022.

What we’ve discovered could be life-changing for you and your family.

Do you have an idea of what you could spend this kind of income on? If not, here are 15 questions you’ve probably been asking.

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What’s Equity Release?

Equity release is an umbrella term for a series of later-life mortgages that allow you to unlock the cash tied into your home.

You’ll be allowed to remain in your home for the rest of your life and the loan, plus interest, is repaid, usually from the sale of your home, when you pass away or move into long-term care.

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Ideas on How to Use Your Cash Released in 2022

There are countless ways of how to use your equity release in 2022. As house prices continue to rise, many pensioners could be earning an average of £1,000 or more every month.

Those who own their homes outright could have at least £3,100 tax-free cash1 from each of their estates in the past 3 months, taking their estate wealth to a record high.

Are you looking to release equity from your home and need inspiration on how to use it? If so, ask yourself, how can you improve your life?

The great thing about equity release is that you can use the income in any way you wish. We’ve gathered the 15 most common questions about using equity release income.

Can I Use Equity Release to Buy Out Your Partner/Spouse?

Yes, you can use equity release to buy out your spouse or partner.

In the case of a divorce, if no one wants to stay in the family home or if one partner can’t afford to buy the other one out, most people opt to sell the house and split the proceeds.

However, if you don’t want to sell, taking out an equity release plan is likely the best option for you.

This will enable you to free up some cash and help buy out your partner, thus making the divorce process less stressful.

Is It Possible to Use Equity Release to Help Family?

Yes, it is possible to use equity release to help your family.

You can use equity release to help your children buy a house, to help out your family member or friend who is struggling, or to give your children an early inheritance.2

Can I Use Equity Release to Clear Your Mortgage?

Yes, you can use equity release to clear your mortgage.

In fact, as per the equity release council, you must pay off your mortgage before spending the cash you released from the value of your estate.

While you won’t use equity release to fund an extension, it’s a perfect way for you to have no longer worry about meeting the financial demands of a mortgage, should you be battling to make the payments.

Is It a Possibility to Use Equity Release to Pay Off Debt?

Yes, it is possible to use equity release to pay off debt.3

If the interest rate on your equity release plan is lower than that of your line of credit, then, with long-term benefits, you can use equity release to clear your debts.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about paying off your loan in your lifetime.

As always, you need to discuss these terms with an independent financial adviser to understand all the comparative risks and costs.

Could I Use Equity Release to Pay for Care?

Yes, you can use equity release to pay for care.

If you want to remain home, you can unlock equity to hire private in-home care4 and convert your home for fragile care, should the need arise.

While you can access mobility care through local authorities, you might want more high-tech equipment.

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Can I Use Equity Release to Purchase a Second Property?

Yes, you can use equity release to purchase a second property.

However, the home you release equity from must be your primary residence, where you reside for at least 6 months a year.

You’ll also want to consider whether you’ll want to buy the property outright, so there’s no extra obligation in the form of a standard mortgage.

Here’s some options:

  • Equity Release to Buy a Holiday Home – Depending on the value of your second home, stamp duty may be an issue when buying a holiday house in the United Kingdom, even if you use equity release to buy a property.

    If you’re looking to invest in real estate abroad, you’ll have to consider currency rates as well as the equity release council rules and guidance. Also, keep in mind that solicitors’ costs will be necessary if you buy a home in the United Kingdom or another country.
  • Equity Release to Buy a Second Property – For legal purposes, financial experts advise their clients to consider being the sole occupants of their 2nd home or letting it out for a maximum of 4 weeks consecutively.

    You must also use the estate for a minimum of 4 weeks every year and should have no formal agreements or Assured Shorthold Tenancy5 in place, if you’re using equity release to purchase a second home.

Can Equity Release Be Used to Buy a Car?

Yes, you can use equity release to buy a car. The majority of auto financing is based on a secured loan and requires that you repay the principal after selling your vehicle.

The vehicle interest rate may be considerably greater than the mortgage rate, depending on your credit score.

Lenders consider a home to be an appreciating asset,6 while cars are depreciating assets that generally lose about 20 percent of their value each year.

Also, you might want to buy a classic vehicle as a collector’s item, or one that is beyond the age limit for standard car financing.

Can I Use Equity Release to Go On a Dream Holiday?

Yes, you can use equity release to go on a dream holiday. With equity release, you can choose to receive a larger lump sum to fund this trip.

Can I Use Equity Release to Invest in Home Improvements?

Yes, you can use equity release to fund your home improvements.

Furthermore, renovating your home or garden will likely increase the value of your estate, meaning that your home may sell for substantial equity.

Is Equity Release Used to Fund Retirement?

Yes, equity release is commonly used to fund retirement. Sometimes your pension savings are simply not enough to keep you going.

With life expectancy on a 0.08% increase since 2019, many people live longer these days, making the cost of retirement substantially greater.

Can I Use Equity Release Cash to Move House?

No, you can’t use equity release to move home.

Equity release is intended to last for the rest of your life, and generally, homeowners unlock equity to remain in their residence, an alternative to downsizing.

Transferring equity release to a new property is a possibility; if it meets your lender’s criteria, You must have a detailed conversation with your lender before making any final decisions.

Can I Use Equity Release Funds on Investment Opportunities?

Yes, you can use the cash you unlock with equity release to fund investment opportunities.

According to research, over 30% of those who release equity use it to fund their business ideas or buy shares.

With the sole purpose of turning cash into even more money, they use the equity tied up in their homes to make the most of attractive investment opportunities.

Are you looking to invest? Get tips on how to make your money work for you here.

Can I Use Equity Release Cash to Start a Business?

Yes, you can use equity release cash to start a business.

Furthermore, if you have a business loan, you can pay it off with equity release, but this is only advisable if the equity release interest rates are competitive.

Common Questions

What Can Equity Release Be Used For?

Can Equity Release Pay Off a Mortgage?

Can You Use Equity Release to Fund Your Care?

What Do People Spend the Equity they Release on?

In Conclusion

There is no limit as to how you can use your tax-free equity release funds.

However, ensure that whatever you decide, it’s well thought out, and you’ve considered your entire future. You don’t want to use the funds now, only to regret it in the long run.

If you’re younger (55/60), just ensure that if you’re using the equity tied into your home now, you won’t be in a destitute position when you’re older. Therefore, make smart decisions regarding the uses for your equity release.

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