Use the FREE Equity Remaining Calculator

See how much cash you can release from your home.

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Use the FREE Equity Remaining Calculator

See how much cash you can get from your home.​

Equity Release Calculator

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Did You Know? Every 12 minutes a homeowner over 55 in the UK unlocks ÂŁ91,667 tax-free cash.

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John Lawson
John Lawson
Last Updated: 25 Sep 2020
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You’ve been feeling ill lately, and according to your doctors, you have a few months left. Since you took out an equity release policy five years ago, you’re wondering how much your children will get from the inheritance. You weren’t worried about that a few months ago, but with the current financial recession and with grandkids on the way, you’re anxious about how much money they’ll get.

One year ago, you decided to make some early repayment charges and are wondering if that’s going to help in increasing the equity1 remaining for your beneficiaries. Well, to see how much you can get, it’d be best if you try the equity remaining calculator and figure out the estimated amount your heirs will receive.

When you take out the equity release2 mortgage, especially when you have a child, it’s vital to understand the amount of capital you’ll leave for your family, once you repay your lifetime mortgage plan.

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