30 Finance Influencers to Watch Right Now

Influential People in Finance: A List of Financial Influencers

You Don’t Have to Be an Expert in the Field of Finance to Know That There Are People Out There Who Can Offer Invaluable Advice and Guidance on How to Grow Your Wealth. The Only Problem Is, They’re Not Easy to Find! We’ve Taken the Time for You and Compiled a List of Top Finance Influencers From Around the World Who Are Worth Following.

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Finance Influencers
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Forget reality stars, if you’re wanting true inspiration, you should shift your focus to financial influencers!

These incredible men and women are the one’s to watch. As they climb the explosive financial sector, you can analyse their steps to unlock the secrets to financial freedom.

Are you wondering who’s the 30 financial influencers to follow in 2021? Here they are!

01. Claer Barrett

Claer Barrett is a financial powerhouse. She’s a financial journalist who has also been heard on the airwaves as a broadcaster.

She hosts the FT’s Money Clinic podcast and is a regular on radio, television, and FT events.

Check out her Instagram: @claerb

claer barrett

02. Martin Steven Lewis

Martin Steven Lewis OBE is an English financial journalist and presenter born on May 9, 1972, in Manchester, England.

His claim to fame is starting MoneySavingExpert.com.

martin steven lewis

03. Jasmine Birtles

Jasmine Birtles is a journalist, author, and presenter who specialises in all things finance and business.

Moneymagpie, her consumer website, unlocks the secrets to making and saving money.

jasmine birtles

04. Faisal Islam

Faisal Islam is the economics editor of BBC News and is a British political and economics journalist.

From 2014 to 2019, he was the political editor of Sky News, and from May 2004 to June 2014, he was the business reporter and then the economics editor of Channel 4 News.

As a veteran in the financial sector, he’s certainly one to watch.

faisal islam

05. Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis is a household name.

He’s a British freelance financial journalist and broadcaster who has worked for the BBC on television and radio, including the host of BBC Radio 4’s Money Box.

paul lewis

06. Ian Cowie

Do you recognise the name?

That’s because, in 2013, Ian Cowie began writing the widely read Personal Account column for The Sunday Times.

In 2017, 2018, and 2019, the Association of Investment Companies named him the best freelance journalist.

ian cowie

07. Jeff Prestridge 

Jeff Prestridge is a personal financial journalist with over 25 years of experience.

Since joining The Mail on Sunday in 1994, he has led campaigns on a wide range of issues.

These include:

  • Bank branch closures.
  • Better pension protection for workers.
  • A better deal for people in income drawdown.
  • Protection insurance that pays claims instead of declining them.
  • The scourge of copycat government websites.
jeff prestridge

08. Tara Evans

Tara Evans is the Sun Online’s Digital Consumer Editor.

Her stories have been converted into dispatches films, BBC Watchdog Reports, and Guardian Investigations.

tara evans

09. Haley Sacks

Hayley Sacks is a personal finance influencer from New York who’s been dubbed a “financial popstar“. Her mission is to make financial knowledge available to all people and to keep you wealthy.

We admire how she combines financial language with pop culture and fun to make money appealing and more accessible.

haley sacks

10. Jeremy Schneider

Jeremy is a leading software engineer and entrepreneur.

After selling his firm, he spent several years figuring out what to do with the money and how to increase it. Now he is willing to share his financial expertise with everyone.

He believes that the keys to success are living within your means and investing early.

jeremy schneider

11. Sahirenys Pierce

The mission of money educator Sahirenys Pierce is to make money simple for millennials. She provides money-saving advice in both Spanish and English.

After astonishingly retiring in her twenties, she now wants to share what she knows about finance with others. Her mission is to teach you how to save money, particularly as a mother.

sahirenys pierce

12. Tori Dunlap

Tori Dunlap is a personal financial influencer and marketer who earned her first $100,000 at 25. She now devotes her time to assisting other women in learning to save and gaining financial confidence.

Tori is now a financial counsellor who conducts courses to teach women how to manage their money better.

tori dunlap

13. Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary, a Canadian citizen, is a well-known entrepreneur, politician, and TV personality in both Canada and the United States. He became a multimillionaire after selling a tech business he established in the late 1990s.

He’s been handling his money on his own since then. O’Leary, who is 66 years old, has garnered a reputation as an investor and wants to share some of his knowledge with you.

kevin oleary

14. David Brear

As David M. Brear puts it, he’s “constantly falling forward”. He’s the founder and CEO of 11:FS, a consulting firm that specialises in next-generation digital banking solutions and “FS without the BS.”

He’s also the host of Fintech Insider, the company’s official podcast, which he thinks is the best in the world regarding financial technology.

david brear

15. Tarra Jackson

Tarra Jackson, also known as Madam Money, is a personal finance guru, speaker, and book in her professional life.

She’s also the founder of DUALpreneur, a resource and support platform for anyone looking to diversify their revenue streams through side hustles.

tarra jackson

16. Joe Saul-Sehy

Joe Saul-Sehy is one of the popular podcast Stacking Benjamins hosts, which he co-founded as a former financial counsellor. This explores how to budget effectively, as well as how to save and spend money wisely.

joe saul sehy

17. Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze has a large social media presence, with over 142K followers on Twitter, 330K+ followers on Facebook, and 326K followers on Instagram, all dedicated to helping people become better money managers.

She even has 199K YouTube subscribers, where she focuses on saving money and obtaining peace of mind.

rachel cruze

18. Bola Sokunbi

Bola Sokunbi is a qualified financial instructor and a financial influencer who wants to assist women to get out of debt and start building money.

Clever Girl Finance is a personal finance portal for women that provides practical guidance for people in various financial conditions.

bola sokunbi

19. Jim Marous

Jim Marous is co-publisher of The Financial Brand, host of the Banking Transformed podcast, and owner/CEO of the Digital Banking Report, a subscription-based journal with over 200 reports in the digital archive available to members.

jim marous

20. Faith Archer

Formerly the Deputy Personal Finance Editor at The Daily Telegraph, Faith Archer is currently a columnist for Woman&Home and a blogger for Much More With Less.

faith archer

21. Tiffany Aliche

Tiffany Aliche is a financial educator and best-selling author who works to make life-changing financial education available to women worldwide.

With Instagram Stories, Aliche creates accessible content, including financial tools and wealth suggestions.

tiffany aliche

22. Brett King

Brett King has created a reputation for himself in the fintech business as the author of Bank4dot0.com, which assists in navigating the rapid changes in the banking business. He also hosts the #1 worldwide fintech podcast Breaking Banks.

He calls himself a speaker and futurist, and he’s always thinking about the future of banking.

brett king

23. Anne Boden

Starling Bank is a digital-only challenger bank, and Anne Boden is the founder and CEO.

Boden is all about embracing a new age and encouraging people to comprehend digital change since he is passionate about managing their money.

anne boden

24. Spiros Margaris

STC Pay’s board of directors and executive committee include Swiss fintech specialist Spiros Margaris. He isn’t only a leading fintech and insurtech specialist in Switzerland; his influence is definitely worldwide.

That’s what Wefox Group announced when it hired him as an adviser 2 years ago – Wefox being another unicorn insurtech with a valuation of 1.65 billion euros ($1.96 billion).

spiros margaris

25. Nouriel Roubini

Roubini is a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business and an economist. In 2008, he predicted the collapse of the US housing market and the global recession.

He is the Chairman of Roubini Global Economics, an economic consulting organisation.

nouriel roubini

26. Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde is a legendary figure in the financial sector.

She’s the International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director (IMF). Her claim to fame is being the first woman to lead the IMF and the first woman to become finance minister of a G8 economy.

christine lagarde

27. Karl Deeter

As a leader in his field, Karl Deeter works with Irish Mortgage Brokers & Advisors as a financial adviser/analyst.

karl deeter

28. Haig Bathgate

Haig Bathgate is the Head of Portfolio Management at 7IM, an investment management firm, and has extensive experience in the financial world.

7IM bought tcam in May 2018.

haig bathgate

29. Shane Balkham

Shane is dedicated to assisting Beaufort Investment Management in becoming one of the UK’s premier discretionary fund managers.

He is in charge of highly driven staff, allowing him to share his skills and experience while also refining their investing procedures.

shane balkham

30. Chris Ralph

Chris Ralph spent over 30 years in the asset management industry before becoming the inaugural Chief Investment Officer of St. James’s Place in 2009.

He was named Chief Global Strategist at the start of 2020, which allowed him to spend more time looking at markets and connecting with partners and clients.

chris ralph
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