International investments
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International Investment Overview

Introduction To International Investment

An offshore investment is the keeping of money in a jurisdiction other than one’s own country of residence, and is a common solution to reducing tax liability in one’s home country. International investment often allows an investor the opportunity to enjoy higher rates of return than would be available in the investor’s home country. Some offshore investment options include money market, bond and equity assets through offshore companies

Benefits And Assets

International investments benefits are in many instances more attractive than the benefits that are offered in the country of residence. Many people are opting to invest in international jurisdictions because of the various benefits available, not necessarily limited to tax free or low tax benefits.

Investing in international jurisdictions does involve certain risks, but with the proper advice and recommendations, you can allow your investments to grow and bring in better return on investments.

Costs And Taxes

International investments costs are one of the things you will need to take into consideration when you plan to invest offshore. Making international investments has its share of benefits, but it is recommended to check what international investments costs you will need to bear.

Investing internationally is recommended if you want to diversify and increase your portfolio and returns. Here is a brief overview of International investment costs.


There are any number of offshore jurisdictions that welcome international investment and offer excellent products and services. Choosing an offshore jurisdiction for investment is very important as the jurisdiction needs to be governed by a sound legal system and be recognised as a leading financial services industry. As the risk of investing needs to be reduced as far as possible, investment portfolios are often diversified across different markets and across different industries.

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