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Is a Reverse Mortgage Safe?

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You can never have enough information when it comes to reverse mortgages. That said here is a comprehensive guide that will help you get all the facts when it comes to the stipulated measures involved with taking out a reverse mortgage.

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10 Reasons Why Reverse Mortgages are Great Financial Products

Reverse mortgages schemes have come a long way since their inception in 1961. Through all these years, there have been several misconceptions about what they are and how they work. Truthfully, reverse mortgages are ethical financial products with the pure intention to assist you in getting the retirement you deserve.

The negativity that came about in regards to reverse mortgages stemmed from certain practices in the 1980’s when reverse mortgages were not yet fully monitored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). However, since then, reverse mortgages have become one of the most greatly regulated and more secure mortgage products available on the market.

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Here are some but a few of the reasons why reverse mortgages are worthwhile and ethical financial tools you can trust today:

#01. It Has A Federal Guarantee

In 1987, the FHA (Federal Housing Administration)sanctioned federal insurance for reverse mortgages with the Housing and Community Development Act.

For you, the borrower, this assured you of the availability of funds. For the plan provider, this guaranteed them compensation if ever the loan balance exceeded the estate’s value.So FHA ensures that you pay an upfront mortgage insurance premium when you take out a reverse mortgage that varies based on the loan program you select. You will also have to finance an annual mortgage insurance premium of 1.25% of the mortgage balance.

The FHA insurance offers security for borrowers so that in the event something were to happen to your provider and they went out of business, the FHA insurance guarantees you will still have access to your loan proceeds.

#02. It Has Non-Recourse Provisions

HUD authorized that the FHA-insured reverse mortgage to be a non-recourse loan, thus offering added protection,unlike other mortgages. It means that your estate is the only collateral that your lender can take to pay back the loan and that even if your reverse mortgage loan ends up exceeding the value of your residence, you will never have to repay more than what your estate is worth at the time of sale.

Therefore, you don’t suffer from any personal liabilities.

#03. It Requires You to Go Through Financial Counselling

As a prospective HECM borrower, the federal law requires you to first undergo counselling through a Department of Housing and Urban Development-approved, third-party counselling agency. The counselling aims to ensure that you fully comprehend how the loan works and how it can apply to your specific circumstances.

Counselling sessions also offer you the opportunity to inquire about terms you don’t understand. The counselors are required to assess your knowledge of the product before granting a certificate that allows you to move forward in the loan application process.

Since a third-party agency steers the counselling, you can rest assured that you will be receiving objective facts from someone who has your best interests at heart.

The advice is to educate you so you can make an informed decision.

#04. It Features A Cross-Selling Ban

The federal law forbids reverse mortgage lenders from “cross-selling” certain financial products, under the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.

In simpler terms, they’re not permitted to originate a reverse mortgage and then require you to buy a financial product or insurance investment with them.

Moreover, the law forbids reverse mortgage providers from being allied with or taking part in selling other types of financial or insurance products.

Even though you, as a borrower, have the freedom to do with your proceeds as you wish, this rule safeguards you from crooked lenders who might steer you into purchasing a product you don’t want or require.

#05. There is the ‘Lifetime’ Reverse Mortgage

In 1991, HUD came up with new regulations that made reverse mortgage insurance available to all FHA providers. Subsequently, Lenders Home first and Home Equity partners could then devise the first “lifetime” reverse mortgage program, enabling monthly disbursements to span the life of the homeowner instead of only a limited amount of time.

The “monthly payment for life” is restricted to the tenure or modified tenure plans. With these plans, you have to maintain your estate as a permanent residence, continue paying the required property taxes and home insurance and keep up with simple home maintenance.

Your provider will set aside a specific amount of capital for a line of credit, and you can then outlive the monthly payment stream.

#06. It is NRMLA- Founded

In 1997, Jeffrey Taylor and Peter Bell established the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) with the intent to improve the professionalism of the reverse mortgage industry. Since then, the association has become the national voice of the reverse mortgage industry, endeavoring to offer resources to plan providers, educate consumers, and endorse a positive experience for both.

Also, according to the law, NRMLA members must adhere to a stringent Code of Ethics & Professional Responsibility.

#07. It Features Non-Borrowing Spouse Rights

In 2014, HUD established new regulations in regards to non-borrowing spouses for loans closed after August 4, 2014. These new rules ensured that the non-borrowing spouse would be allowed to remain in the residence even after their borrowing spouse has passed.

#08. There are Limits to Reverse Mortgage Rates & Fees

In 1999, AARP and NRMLA both extended their backing for nationwide limits on origination fees charged by plan providers. Congress sanctioned this recommendation in 2000. ,With HUD directives and federal statutes firmly in place, the reverse mortgage rates and fees your lender charges you are regulated and controlled.

Congress established the reverse mortgage’s method of determining the origination fee. It guarantees that there are no “excessive fees” in a reverse mortgage scheme. The Federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA) asks plan providers to reveal the terms and costs of the loan, like the APR, payment terms, and any line of credit charges.

#09. There Are Reverse Mortgage Exams

In 2000, an exam designed in a way that reverse mortgage counselors comprehend how 425 counselors finalized the product functions in 43 states throughout the nation. It was the chief official national reverse mortgage product financial counselling exam designed to assist counselors to help applicants in understanding a lot about reverse mortgages.

#10.There Are New Reverse Mortgage Rules

The FHA put into play new guidelines meant to encourage homeowners to tap into their equity tactically, and use the reverse mortgage as a long-term financial planning tool instead of as a crisis management tool.

Deciding to get a reverse mortgage scheme is not a slam-dunk, no-brainer decision. Depending on the provider you choose and the set terms and conditions, the plan can serve you well and safeguard you from various risks, but you also need to remember that it also factors in many drawbacks that are worth considering.

Therefore, you need to approach it with open eyes and be sure to explore other alternatives, if need be. You should also carefully consider consulting your adviser for better direction.

If you, however, need more information on reverse mortgages, be sure to click here and see how much equity you can release and also get to chat with an expert for free.

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A reverse mortgage plan allows you to access the value of your home, tax-free without having to sell up, so that you can have money to spend on whatever you want or need.

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