Legal & General (L&G) Equity Release Review

We Review Legal & General Equity Release & Look at the Pros, Cons & Schemes They Offer
Contributors: Nicola Date, Katherine Read. Edited by Rachel Wait & Reviewed by Francis Hui
Are You Considering Legal & General Equity Release? What Are the Pros, Cons & Costs? Read Our Reviews & Discover If Legal & General Lifetime Mortgage Schemes Are for You.

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Legal & General Equity Release

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to choose the best equity release providers with all the choices available.

Or is it?

Is Legal & General equity release the best?

The companies we profile, are the best in the business to help you unlock the cash tied into your home.We’re here to help you:

  • Understand the services that Legal & General offers.
  • Determine if they might be able to assist you and your family on your equity release journey.

Let’s find out NOW!

As experts in the equity release field (we’ve reviewed more than 250 schemes!), we’ve combed the market, researched all equity release service providers and narrowed it down to who’s on top.

Is Legal & General the ideal equity release loan company to assist you and your family?


What’s Equity Release?

An equity release mortgage is, in a nutshell, a loan plus interest that is paid back to the lender when the homeowner passes away or goes into permanent care.

Who Are Legal & General?

Legal & General Group plc, or simply Legal & General, is a British global financial services corporation based in London.

Investment management,1  lifetime mortgages,2  pensions, annuities, and life insurance are some of the products and services it offers.

What About the Legal & General Equity Release Calculator?

Before you consider using the Legal & General calculator, please take note.

Our providers can almost always match & BEAT any existing equity release quote that you find through Legal & General.

So first use this calculator below & see how much you can release.

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Why Consider Legal & General?

Unlock the value of your home with Legal & General, to access tax-free cash that’ll fund your retirement.

They have nearly 200 years of financial service experience and have since expanded to the US.

They are Europe’s largest insurance and asset management groups and have over £1 trillion in assets.

Awards include:

  • The Mortgage Awards 2020 – later lifetime lender of the year
  • Mortgage Strategy Awards 2020 – Best equity release provider/lifetime lender

Legal & General Reviews & Ratings

Legal & General Complaints

If you’re dissatisfied with Legal & General and want to make a complaint, the greatest place to do so is on their website.

They are concerned about their clients and will route you to the appropriate department if possible.

The alternative option, if you choose to use a review site like Trustpilot or Feefo, is to provide an assessment.

Pros & Cons


  • An experienced reputable lender with over 89,000 customers at a rate of over 400 per week.
  • A financial advisor is appointed for you, with no fee.
  • Lots of flexibility for how you’d like to receive your money.
  • The option for early repayments.
  • Inheritance protection.
  • No negative equity guarantee.
  • Members of the Equity Release Council.


  • The interest owed compounds quickly, meaning your estate can rapidly diminish.

Editor’s Rating: 4.82

Qualification Criteria

  • Min Equity Offered: £10,000
  • Max Equity Offered:£750,000 (refer cases over this)
  • Lowest Age: 55 years
  • Highest Age:  90 years
  • Property value from: £70,000 (Flexible Violet is not available for £70,000–£99,999 properties). £100,000 for flats, maisonettes, ex-council, ex-housing association, and ex-MOD.
  • Property Maximum Value: £2,000,000 (refer cases over this for physical valuations)
  • Property Location: England, Wales, or mainland Scotland.
  • Property Types: Freehold and  Leasehold (remaining term plus the age of the youngest borrower at completion must be at least 175 years)

Legal & General Flexible Pink Lifetime Mortgage

The Legal & General Flexible Pink Lifetime Mortgage has interest rates available from as low as 2.75%.

The plan also comes with 2% cashback, free valuation, no completion fee, GILT-based repayment charges, and a relatively low 28.7% Maximum LTV.

Legal & General Flexible Navy Lifetime Mortgage DTV

The Legal & General Flexible Navy Lifetime Mortgage DTV interest rates start at 3.55%, but the maximum LTV is higher at 39.5%.

Once again, expect a free valuation, free application, and GILT-based repayment charges.

Special Features

  • Optional partial repayments
  • Inheritance protection at no extra cost
  • Free valuation

Legal & General Equity Release Interest Rates & Schemes Compared

Are you looking for a specific equity release scheme?

These are some of the schemes offered or covered by Legal & General.

Not what you’re looking for?

Have a look at all the equity release schemes available on the market.

With our easy-to-use table or compare the equity release rates!

Legal & General Core Info

Legal & General is the UK’s largest supplier of individual life assurance products and a top 20 worldwide asset manager.

The equity release business was started in 1836 and has since developed into one of Europe’s leading insurance and asset management firms.

By delivering stable pension incomes, L&G works with corporations, pension fund trustees, and advisers.

To safeguard the corporate pensions of workers who are in or are nearing retirement.

They also provide annuities and lifetime mortgages to individual consumers who are searching for financial stability in their later years.

L&G specialises in a variety of items, including:

  • Investments
  • Retirement solutions
  • Life cover
  • Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Equity Release

FCA Details

FCA Address

  • One Coleman Street
  • London
  • EC2R 5AAE C 2 R 5 A A

Trading Names

  • Legal and General Assurance Society Limited

FCA Permitted Services

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Consumer Credit
  • Pensions
  • Investments


  • Financial Conduct Authority (FAC) ¹
  • Financial Services Authority Now the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) ¹

Registration Numbers

  • FCA Ref Number: 117659
  • FCA Reg Number: 166055

FCA & Companies House Link

Legal & General Contact Number

Got Questions

Is Legal & General a Member of the Equity Release Council?

What Are Legal & General's Interest Rates?

Who Owns Legal & General Equity?

Where is Legal & General Located?

Does Legal & General Do Equity Release?

Is Legal & General Equity Release Safe?


So here’s the scoop – our intention is to help you by finding the best Legal & General lifetime mortgage so that you can spend the money on something that you really want, rather than on a high tax bill.

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