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How Much Cash Can You Release With a Lifetime Mortgage?

Have You Been Wondering Which Equity Release Plan to Choose? We're Here to Help You Decide. Take a Look At the Lifetime Mortgage Calculator & Find Out If It's the Right Option for You.

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Lifetime Mortgage Calculator

Discover the amount of money you might be entitled to release with our FREE lifetime mortgage calculator!

For all you know, you may be living in a goldmine and not even know it.

Perhaps a lifetime mortgage is the key to making all your retirement dreams come true.

By using our calculator:

  • You’ll instantly discover the amount of equity could be tied into your home in Aug 2022.
  • You’ll receive a FREE no-obligation telephone consultation with Age Partnership.
  • You’ll have a basic indication to discuss with your financial adviser.

As experts in the field, we’ve used the latest lifetime mortgage news and technology to create one of the most accurate calculators on the market.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Lifetime Mortgage Calculator?

The benefit of using a lifetime mortgage calculator is that you get an estimate of what you could unlock.

Our lifetime mortgage calculator will help:

  • Create a summary of how much equity there could be to unlock in your home in Aug 2022. However, if you indicate the market value of your home, then the calculator is a fantastic starting point.
  • Give you an estimate to discuss with your financial adviser. This is a fantastic starting point as a comparison of how much various lenders offer you.
  • If you’re only just the world of lifetime mortgages. It will not give you an accurate estimate if you’ve already unlocked equity from your home.

What’s a Lifetime Mortgage?

A lifetime mortgage is a loan you take with your estate being collateral that’s designed for older borrowers.

It allows you to live in your home and still retain 100% ownership, while benefiting from the equity tied into the property.

How Does a Lifetime Mortgage Work?

A lifetime mortgages work by a financial adviser helping homeowners over 55 to release the equity tied up in your asset. The loan and all compound interest accumulated will then be settled by your heirs selling your home. This will generally take place when you die or you move out of your home and into a facility for long-term care.

You can unlock the cash in a drawdown, lump sum, a combination of both, or a regular salary, known as an income lifetime mortgage.

The amount of money you can release will depend on:

  • A property valuation
  • Your age
  • The condition of your health

The whole lifetime mortgage process takes 4 to 12 weeks.

What Features Can I Expect with a Lifetime Mortgage?

The features you can expect with a lifetime mortgage are that you’ll retain 100% ownership of your property and that no repayments are due in your lifetime. Further features:
  • Low interest rates – As things currently stand, interest rates on lifetime mortgages have increased since March 2022, but they are still quite low.
  • Retain 100% homeownership – Your home will stay in your name until it’s sold when you pass on or are moved out to a care home.
  • Access tax-free cash – A lifetime mortgage is counted as a loan rather than a salary, therefore making it 100% tax-free.
  • Stay in your home – With a lifetime mortgage, you can live in your beloved home until you die or make the choice to move into a long-term care home.
  • Inheritance Protection guarantee – There is the option to set aside a portion of your estate as an inheritance for your beneficiaries.
  • No negative equity guarantee – Even if property prices plummet, your family will not have to worry about your loan amount being higher than your final estate value.

How Do You Use a Lifetime Mortgage Calculator?

You use a lifetime mortgage calculator by entering the age of the youngest applicant, the property valuation, and a few other small details. It will all take you 8 seconds and you’ll be emailed the results.

Our fantastic lifetime mortgage calculator will require you to input:

Lifetime Mortgage Calculator

These are the main criteria that lifetime mortgage companies use when determining the total amount you can borrow from your lifetime mortgage.

Some lifetime mortgage providers also require you to give details of your gender and current marital status.

In addition, you could be eligible for an enhanced lifetime mortgage if you struggle with medical conditions or are in poor health.

Did You Know? A homeowner over 55 unlocks £91,667 tax-free cash every 12 minutes in the UK.

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Why Use Our Equity Release Lifetime Mortgage Calculator?

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In Conclusion

Now has never been a better time to unlock cash through a lifetime mortgage.

Between the industry being regulated and overseen by the Equity Release Council and low interest rates, you should use our lifetime mortgage calculator before heading to your financial advisor. 

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