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Are You Considering the Prime Max Scheme? What are the Eligibility Requirements, Features, Interest Rates & Scheme Options? Discover If This Equity Release Plan Is For You.

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More 2 Life Prime Max Scheme Review

Prime Max Key Details

Type Rate APR
More 2 Life Fixed 6.64% 6.92%

Scheme Incentives

  • Free Valuation
  • Free Application

Scheme Offers

  • 3-year No Early Repayment Charge*
  • Downsizing Protection Feature
  • Guaranteed Inheritance Feature
  • Fixed Early Repayment Charges

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to choose the best equity release scheme with all the choices available.

Or is it?

Is the More 2 Life Prime Max, equity release scheme the best?

Don’t let your equity release dream become a nightmare!

Luckily, we’re here to guide you on the ins and outs of equity release, as you deserve only the best.

However, it’s important to remember that not all plans are suited to each individual. You need to look for one that will serve your home, your lifestyle, and the reason why you’re considering equity release in the first place.

As leading experts in the field, we’ve delved into hours of research, unpacked all the equity release plans on the market (we’ve reviewed over 250 schemes!), and discovered the best in the business.

Could the More 2 Life Prime Max be the right equity release plan for you?
We’re here to help you:
More 2 Life is one of the leading equity release providers on the market and might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.
Can you truly go wrong with More 2 Life?

Let’s find out!

Who Are More 2 Life?

More2Life is one of the UK’s leading lifetime mortgage lenders, and from its inception, they’ve been exclusively focused on equity release,1Â assisting advisers, and prioritising the interests of their clients.
Here’s a range of More 2 Life equity release plans you can choose from.
More 2 Life Prime Max

Scheme Background

Are you 55+ and craving more flexibility in equity release lending? Choose More2Life equity release, the lending specialists that offer a range of bespoke lifetime mortgage deals to homeowners over the age of 55.

As the specialist lending arm of Key Retirement, More2Life uses external funding models to offer a range of lifetime mortgage plans, including the Tailored Choice and Flexi Choice plans.

Their Capital Choice Equity Release scheme is a Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage plan which aims to provide a low-interest rate, yet higher loan-to-value ratios.

What’s more, the Capital Choice Drawdown Plan provides a greater level of flexibility than the simpler Capital Choice Lump Sum version. With this being a drawdown scheme, a flexible cash facility is provided which enables the homeowner to access future funds, as and when required.

Eligibility & Requirements

The More2Life Prime Max Lump Sum Plan is created particularly for homeowners seeking for a one-time lump sum to reach the maximum loan amount feasible. This also includes a number of features, such as the ability to make voluntary payments to help with balance control.

Minimum Property Valuation

This More2Life Prime Max Mortgage requires a minimum property valuation of £100000 and has no maximum property valuation. There is a separate minimum loan of £150000 for ex-local authority homes and bungalows.

Property Location Requirements

The property location, which must be the homeowner’s primary residence, must be in England or Wales only.

Single vs Joint

More2Life’s Prime Max Equity Release program is offered as a single or joint life mortgage, with a minimum age of 55 and a maximum age restriction of 84 for this lifetime mortgage.

Minimum Release

The lowest loan amount on this More2Life plan is £10000, with a maximum loan amount presently set at £600,000.

Scheme Features

This More2Life Prime Max scheme is an equity release plan that seeks to offer a release of equity in proportion to the amount of equity the homeowner is anticipated to require over their lifetime. This can only be used for a single sum, however more borrowing may be possible in the future depending on underwriting requirements.

The downsizing protection feature of the More2Life Prime Max plan is an additional and important feature that allows anyone moving house after 5 years to return the loan in full with NO penalty.

Valuation Features

A substantial free appraisal is provided, as well as a guaranteed lifetime interest rate on the initial lump amount.

Early Repayment Feature

More2Life has introduced set early repayment rates to their Prime Max plan, which begin at 10% of the amount repaid and decrease by 1% every year until year 11, when no early repayment fee applies.

Equity Release Council Status

More2Life is an Equity Release Council member, and all of its plans come with a no-negative-equity guarantee. As a result, when the house is ultimately sold, no beneficiaries will be left with a debt owed to the equity release lender.

Joint Application Features

More2Life’s Prime Max Equity Release program is offered as a single or joint life mortgage, with a minimum age of 55 and a maximum age restriction of 84 for this lifetime mortgage.

Scheme Options

Another option for inclusion in the Guaranteed Inheritance Feature allows the homeowner to secure a predetermined proportion of the property’s ultimate selling value for their beneficiaries. This is critical for individuals who want to ensure a percentage of the property value from their inheritance.

Repayment Options

This More2Life Prime Max Lump Sum program allows any homeowner to spend their tax-free equity however they see fit, with no obligation to make any repayments.

However, one of the advantages of the More2Life Prime Max Plan is the Voluntary Partial Repayment Option, which allows the homeowner to repay up to 10% of the initial amount borrowed each year with NO penalty. This allows managers to control the future balance of the lifetime mortgage program UK, either by reducing the roll-up impact of the interest, paying off the interest-only, or even by utilizing the entire 10% limit.


*The three-year no-early-repayment-charge period applies to joint life policies in which the loan is returned within three years of the death or long-term care of a partner.

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These are some of the schemes offered by More 2 Life.

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