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Choosing the correct jurisdiction is an important aspect of opening a QNUPS.

Different QNUPS jurisdictions offer different benefits with some offering a greater degree of tax relief while others are known for their political and economic stability as well as their confidentiality.

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Choosing an offshore jurisdictions governed by sound regulation is the best option. QNUPS Jurisdiction with an excellent track record include the Channel Islands (Guernsey and Jersey).

Popular QNUPS Jurisdictions


When visiting Australia you are faced with a wide range of activities to choose from. You can trek through the scorching desert, cuddle a koala bear or idle on the endless beaches. The pristine Great Barrier Reef is a uniquely beautiful wonder and it is worth making time to discover this wonderful underwater ecosystem.

Australia is also has one of the world’s largest economies, as one of the favoured QNUPS jurisdictions, it is a much sought after destination for retirees. Legislation covering retirement funds protects client’s confidentiality and allows for flexible investment options. For individual’s used to conducting business in the UK, Australia is a perfect offshore destination offering a similar climate in which to conduct business.

Benefits Include:

  • Global funds accessibility
  • Strong legislation with protection from future creditors
  • Improved tax efficiency for both clients and their beneficiaries
  • Simplified estate planning with no inheritance tax
  • Flexible investments


Canada is a huge country with exceptional snowboarding and skiing resorts. Icebergs, polar bears and humpback whales are just off the coast waiting to be discovered.

Canada is one of the popular QNUPS jurisdictions with many British pensioners choosing to retire there.

The Canadian financial regulations create a very high standard of investor asset protection and the financial institutions which qualify to offer retirement planning have an obligation to keeping their clients’ affairs confidential.

Benefits Include:

  • Assets are well protected
  • Investment flexibility with access to global funds
  • A tax efficient jurisdiction
  • Simplified estate planning
  • Fund can hold a number of investments


France has become a firm favourite with British retirees looking for a warmer climate and an abundance of wine, cheese and beautiful beaches. France is also a tax haven for a UK expats and one of the popular QNUPS jurisdictions.

France offers the important features such as the asset protection and legislation. France has a constructive approach to retirement funds and has a sound reputation for integrity with regards clients’ confidentiality.

Benefits Include:

  • Investment options with access to global funds
  • Simplified estate planning
  • Strong legislation and asset protection
  • Tax efficient
  • Flexible investment options


Gibraltar is a small country at the southern tip of Europe, the imposing rock, military fortifications and its geographical beauty attract visitors to this small but beautiful British colony. Gibraltar is a prosperous country and is one of the favoured QNUPS jurisdictions.

Gibraltar offers all the crucial fundamentals required of a QNUPS fund with strong asset protection legislation and a reputation for reliability and professionalism. Gibraltar has a high regard for clients’ confidentiality and a sound commitment to encouraging investment as one of the top QNUPS jursidictions.

Benefits Include:

  • Expertise in retirement planning
  • Strong tradition of upholding trust laws and asset protection
  • Tax efficiencies with regards to both inheritance and capital gains tax
  • Confidentiality of clients details
  • No maximum age limit


Guernsey is an island in the English Channel. Visitors from all over the world enjoy hiking through its picturesque scenery, sailing around the island and stopping in at the beautiful harbours. Guernsey’s stable financial structures make this jurisdiction, with its blue chip international reputation, an ideal international investment destination.

Guernsey is recognised globally for its integrity in the financial industry and it’s tax efficient approach as one of the top QNUPS jurisdictions.

Benefits Include:

  • No maximum age limit
  • Safe protection of assets
  • Enables fund holders to become more tax efficient
  • An established reputable authority for savings and funds
  • Clients information treated confidentially

Hong Kong

Hong Kong on China’s south coast is a modern, crowded city and visitors can enjoy hiking, exploring temples, the international cuisine and its beaches. Hong Kong is also a leading financial centre and sought after destination when considering QNUPS jurisdictions.

Their outstanding reputation for confidentiality, professionalism and adherence to legislation offers investors a high level of asset protection, statutory privacy provisions and low taxation.

Benefits Include:

  • No capital gains tax
  • Exempt from inheritance tax
  • Expertise in fund creation
  • No exchange controls
  • Clients affairs treated as confidential
  • Growth of fund assets tax free


Ireland, known as the Emerald Isle, has visitors from around the world who come to enjoy the lush green countryside either by boating on the canals or hiking through the beautiful countryside and taking walks along its stunning beaches.

With legislation, strong financial structures and flexible investment opportunities, estate planning; Ireland has become an attractive choice. Ireland has a reliable reputation for both a tax efficient approach and integrity when dealing with clients’ affairs who are investing in in QNUPS jurisdictions.

Benefits Include:

  • Implified estate preparation
  • Safe protection of assets from possible future creditors
  • Tax efficiency
  • Clients information kept confidential
  • Spread of investments with access to global funds

Isle Of Man

The Isle of Man in the middle of the Irish Sea is world famous for its annual TT motorcycle race and the ancient fortresses which dot the picturesque landscape. With its strong economy and excellent financial services available, the Isle of Man is also an excellent destination for international investment.

The Isle of Man has a reputation for confidentiality and integrity when dealing with offshore funds. It is a blue chip jurisdiction and their well respected and regulated banking laws offer full asset protection. The Isle of Man is one of the sound QNUPS jurisdictions.

Benefits Include:

  • Expertise in retirement planning
  • Safe protection of assets
  • No maximum age limits
  • Clients information remains confidential
  • Fund asset growth free from tax


Jersey is the perfect tourist destination with its charming towns and villages, pretty harbours and scenic coastline, offering the visitor a tranquil holiday on a beautiful Channel Island. Jersey is a British Crown Dependency and a popular retirement destination for British retirees as it one of the foremost QNUPS jurisdictions.

The strong economy and robust asset protection make this a cost effective retirement fund investment option. Legislation protects the anonymity of client’s funds.

Benefits Include:

  • Investment asset protection
  • Access to global funds
  • Strong culture of upholding investment legislation
  • Protection from possible future creditors
  • Tax efficient
  • Pass on assets to beneficiaries


Malta is situated in the Mediterranean Sea and tourists from around the world come to visit the island to enjoy its stunning beaches and diving opportunities and to explore the ancient sites that dot the landscape. As a premier international financial center, Malta has become one of the major QNUPS jurisdictions.

Its highly reputable legal system ensures that the asset protection, confidentiality and privacy of their clients fund information. Malta, being a member of the European Union, has several foreign banks are registered there.

Benefits Include:

  • Expertise in asset protection
  • No maximum age
  • Favourable tax jurisdiction
  • High level of confidentiality with regards to client information
  • No exchange controls

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There are many options QNUPS jurisdictions available, all differing in their areas of specialisation. It’s therefore imperative that a dominion be selected according to the individual’s requirements. For help in deciding which jurisdiction is best suited to your specific situation we suggest that you contact a reputable financial adviser.

Contact us for help on QNUPS and we’ll put you in touch with a reputable registered financial adviser in your area. It is important to be informed about all your options, download our QNUPS guide in order to take advantage of all the possible QNUPS benefits. If you’re deciding between a QROPS or a QNUPS, let us know and we’ll talk you through your choices. Find Out More About QNUPS.

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