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How Much Cash Can You Release With a Retirement Interest Only Mortgage?

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RIO Mortgage Calculator

If you don’t explore all your options and try our Retirement Interest-Only calculator, you could miss out on the perfect retirement financial solution to suit your needs.

An RIO is one to consider.

So, your best bet is to use our calculator and see the amount of cash you could access with this fantastic product.

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    At SovereignBoss, we’re proud of bringing the latest news in the retirement mortgage industry, including our accurate RIO mortgage calculator for Aug 2022.

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    How to Use the Retirement Interest-Only Mortgage Calculator

    You can use the retirement interest-only mortgage calculator by providing an approximate property value and filling in your details. Your quote will then be sent to your email. Our retirement interest-only mortgage calculator takes just 8 seconds to use.

    The process is that simple.

    The calculator will provide you with the highest sum of equity that you could unlock through an RIO.

    How Do Retirement Interest-Only Mortgages Work?

    A retirement interest-only mortgages work by the homeowner borrowing cash in exchange for monthly repayments until their death or relocation to a long-term care facility.

    They are similar to interest-only lifetime mortgages. What’s left is repaid when you pass away or move into long-term care.

    Who Can Get a Retirement Interest-Only Mortgage?

    You can get a retirement interest-only mortgage if you’re 55 or older and your UK-based property meets qualification criteria. However, some lenders’ rules differ, and others may have an age limit.

    If you’ve got a secure retirement income source, but need additional equity, then an RIO might be ideal for you. Interest rates are lower than with other retirement mortgage options.

    How Are RIO Mortgages Different From Lifetime Mortgages?

    RIO mortgages are different from lifetime mortgages because you aren’t obligated to repay the equity with a lifetime mortgage, but you can risk foreclosure if you fail to make interest payments on a retirement interest-only mortgage.

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    What are the Pros & Cons of Retirement Interest-Only Mortgages in 2022?

    The pro and cons of retirement interest-only mortgages are that interest rates are usually lower but you are obligated to make monthly payments.

    Wondering what the 8 pros and cons of retirement interest-only mortgages are? Look no further:

    4 Benefits of RIO’s

    • Interest rates are low.
    • You can avoid downsizing³.
    • You’ll have income for a financially stress-free retirement.
    • You’ll leave larger inheritance than you would with other retirement mortgage products
    • You can use the capital in any way you wish.

    4 Disadvantages of RIO’s

    • You’ll need to go through an affordability check.
    • You’ll have to commit to monthly interest repayments for the rest of your life.
    • The amount you can borrow is based on your earnings, which may be limited in your retirement.
    • You can risk repossession if you’re unable to keep up with the monthly interest repayments.

    The best thing you can do is weigh out these pros and cons with an independent financial adviser who’ll guide you towards the best retirement solution for you and your family.

    Common Questions

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    Why Might I Need a Mortgage When I'm Older?

    In Conclusion

    Retirement interest-only mortgages are one of the most competitive later-life lending options if you have the means to pay off the interest. Therefore, it’s worth trying out our RIO calculator to see how much equity could be tied to your property in 2022.

    Once you have your Retirement Interest-Only Mortgage calculator estimate sent via email by, you should get in touch with a whole-market financial advisor to discuss all your options.

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