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How Much Cash Can You Release With a Reverse Mortgage?

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reverse mortgage calculator
Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Try our reverse mortgage calculator to discover how much cash could be tied into your property!

If you don’t look into this now, you could end up in a position where you have lost out on an incredible retirement opportunity.

We’re here to help you discover:

• What’s a reverse mortgage.
• If a reverse mortgage differs from a lifetime mortgage.
• How to use a reverse mortgage calculator.
• Why you should use a reverse mortgage calculator.

As leaders in the field of retirement lending, we’re constantly keeping you up to date with the latest terms and ideas.

Are you ready to discover the truth behind our reverse mortgage calculator? Find out now!

What’s a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a collective term for products that are more commonly referred to as a lifetime mortgage in the UK. In the Canada, USA, and Australia, the phrase is more widely used.

How Do Reverse Mortgages Work?

A reverse mortgage works by your home serving as security against your loan. Therefore, the value of your property is the most important consideration of your lender.
The loan, plus interest, is repaid from the sale of your home when you die or enter long-term care. You can unlock cash in a drawdown, lump sum, or a combination of the two.

How Do You Use A Reverse Mortgage Calculator?

You use a reverse mortgage calculator by inputting your age, the value of your property, and a few additional basic details. The whole process takes just 8 seconds. Your estimate will then be sent to you via email.

Is a Reverse Mortgage for Pensioners?

No, a reverse mortgage is not only for pensioners. It’s for homeowners who are aged 55 and older, whether retired or not.

Who Qualifies for a Reverse Mortgage?

You can qualify for a reverse mortgage if you own your home in the UK that’s valued at least at £70,000, you have a small mortgage, and you’re aged 55 or older.

You could qualify for a reverse mortgage if:
• You own your home.
• The youngest homeowner is over 55.
• Your property value is a minimum of £70,000.
• Your property is located in the UK.
• You have a small mortgage, or the house is fully paid off.If you have an estimated value of your property, try our reverse mortgage calculator to see how much you could be eligible to release.

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In Conclusion

A reverse mortgage is a fantastic way to supplement your retirement income or fund a dream you’ve always wanted to fulfill.

In addition, being aware of the fact that a lifetime mortgage and reverse mortgage are pretty much the same thing will help you have a more extensive understanding of the industry.

While your final loan offered will be subject to a brand-new evaluation and the condition of your estate, our reverse mortgage calculator, is the perfect first step towards unlocking a financially stress-free life.

Spend just 8 seconds, and your results will be emailed to you. From there, contact an independent financial adviser who will guide you on your reverse mortgage journey. You’ve got endless support at your fingertips in May 2022!

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