10 Unexpected Facts About Debt

10 Crazy Debt Facts - Things You May Not Have Known

Whether You're in Debt or Just Curious, These Facts Can Help Shed Light on the Murky World of Debts and Loans. If You Have Debt & Don't Know How to Handle It Your'e Not Alone. Read More.

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debt facts
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Debt can be a scary word for some people, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s something that most people have to deal with at one point or another in their life. It’s important to know as much about debt as possible so that you can take control of it and not let it control you. Here are the 10 interesting facts about debt.

Fact #1: Medical Debt Has the Biggest Effect on People’s Satisfaction

The report found that medical debt has the biggest effect on people’s life satisfaction. This is because of all types of debt, it creates a bigger financial burden than any other type.

When an individual cannot pay their bills for healthcare services rendered, they then feel guilt or shame which impacts their overall happiness.

medical debt

Fact #2: Millennials Have the Lowest Average Credit Card Debt

One of the biggest misconceptions about millennials is that they spend a lot and have high levels of credit card debt. The reality is, most millennials don’t even own one a credit card.

millenials 1

Fact #3: When Do New Couples Reveal Their Debt?

Studies found that the average couple only reveals their debt 10 months into their relationship. This is because couples are often very secretive about their debt when they first start dating.

Couple Debts

#4: The UK Government Is the Largest Debtor in the World.

A quarter of UK government debt is owed to the UK government itself. In fact, a quarter of all government debt owed, is owed by one country to itself: The United Kingdom

UK Government

#5: The UK Government Is Virtually Paying the Lowest Amount of Interest on Its Debt

Interest rates1 on the UK government’s debt are at their lowest level they’ve been in decades. In fact, Britain is currently able to borrow cheaply by global standards and has been since 2016 – when it was first allowed a return to international capital markets for three months.

Low Interest

Fact #6: Unsecured Personal Debt Is Rising Rapidly

In the UK, unsecured personal debt is rising rapidly and a lot of this has to do with credit cards. The average consumer in the UK spends £16-billion each year on interest payments for their card balances.

Unsecured Debt

Fact #7: People Vastly Underestimate Their Debt

The report found that many people vastly underestimate how much they owe. What’s more, 50% of UK adults who don’t have a mortgage2 say their housing costs are less than £750 per month.

How Much They Owed

Fact #8: Credit Card Debt is 22% Greater Than People’s Savings

The report found that 22% of people in the UK have more credit card debt than savings. As a result, they are living paycheck to paycheck and one unexpected expense could be enough to send them into poverty.

Credit Card Debt

Fact #9: Auto Loan Delinquencies Are up 21% Since 2012

The report found that auto loan delinquencies are up by 21% since the year 2012. Since then, many people have been struggling to find steady employment and make ends meet – which has led them into a vicious cycle of debt.

Auto Loan

Fact #10: Baby Boomers & Gen Xers Have the Most Debt

The report found that Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers have the most debt. This is because they’re nearing retirement age3, which means their mortgage has probably been paid off; but many of them also find themselves with too few financial resources to retire in comfort.

Most Debt

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In Conclusion

Debt is a complicated topic and one that people want to know about. We’ve got many more articles written on debt with facts you may not have known about debt, so be sure to check them out. Whether you are in debt or just curious, these facts can help shed light on the murky world of debts and loans.

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