Top UK Investment Blogs & Influencers in Jan 2022

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Contributors: Nicola Date, Katherine Read. Reviewed by Francis Hui

We've Seen a Lot of Changes in the World of Finance Over the Past 20 Years. From the Introduction of ETFS to Brexit & Trump, We Are Living Through an Era of Uncertainty. One Thing That Has Remained Constant Is Investors Have Always Been Looking for Trusted Sources to Guide Them on Their Journey. Read More.

top 70 uk investment blog websites influencers in 2021

Top 70 UK Investment Blog, Websites & Influencers in 2022

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In this article, we will look at some of the top UK Investment Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2021


Influencer #1: Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis has a huge following of over 11 million and is one of the most well-known personal finance experts in the UK.

In September 2018, Martin launched his new show on ITV called The Martin Lewis Money Show where he shares money-saving tips with viewers while traveling around different countries to explore their cultures and customs.

martin lewis 1 1

Influencer #2: Faisal Islam

Faisal Islam is a well-known journalist who has been the Economics Editor at Channel Four News since 2003.

In addition to his journalism career, Faisal also worked as an advisor to Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1997 until 2007.

faisal islam 1

Influencer #3: Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis has a hugely popular personal finance blog called the Money Blog which he launched in 2002.

In 2009, Paul won ITV’s The Apprentice and was crowned overall winner of the series. More recently, Paul appeared on BBC One’s Dragons Den where he pitched his idea for an app to help consumers.

Paul Lewis

Influencer #4: Ian King

Ian King is a TV presenter and personal finance expert. King has had some experience in the media, having worked as an anchor for Bloomberg News between 2005-2008.

In 2013 he joined ITV’s This Morning show to produce their weekly financial section which airs every Friday morning on the programme.

ian king 1

Influencer #5: Ian Cowie

Ian Cowie is a Scottish journalist and author who has written extensively on investment, finance and economics.

Cowie was formerly an editor at the Sunday Times newspaper between 1984-1990 where he edited their business section before becoming deputy managing editor of The Observer in 1990.

Ian Cowie

Influencer #6: Jeff Prestridge

Jeff Prestridge is a financial journalist and investment commentator.

He has been the managing editor of Citywire since 2000, overseeing all editorial content. In his 30 year career in journalism he has written for The Financial Times, Investors Chronicle and Private Eye magazine – as well as many others.

Jeff Prestirdge

Influencer #7: Claer Barrett

Claer Barrett is a British journalist, broadcaster and author.

She has been the business editor at The Times since 2003, having previously been City editor of the Financial Times from 1998-2003 and deputy managing editor before that. She also hosts BBC Radio Four’s In Business programme on Sundays with guests ranging from economists to company executives.

Claer Barrett

Influencer #8: Jasmine Birtles

Jasmine Birtles is a British journalist and author. She has been the business editor at The Sunday Times since September 2007, having previously worked for The Guardian as deputy city editor, city correspondent and columnist from 2000-2007.

Jasmine Birtles

Influencer #9: Hilary Osborne

Hilary Osborne is a British journalist and author. She’s currently the business editor of The Guardian.

She was deputy city editor at The Observer from 1993-1996, then became the Business Editor in 1998 until her move to The Guardian in 2004. She has also written for other newspapers such as Financial Times and Daily Telegraph. She’s authored two books on globalisation, and has been a commentator on BBC Radio since 2000.

Hilary Osborne

Influencer #10: Tara Evans

Tara Evans is a British journalist and author, currently the Director of Communications at Worldpay.

She was formerly Chief Financial Journalist for The Daily Telegraph from 2005-2015 until she moved to be Economics Editor of the Sunday Times in 2016. She has also written for other publications such as TIME magazine and Forbes.

Tara Evans

Influencer #11: Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is the former Foreign Secretary and Mayor of London. He was also a Member of Parliament from 2001-2018, having represented Henley since 1997. He served in various positions including Minister for Higher Education (2009-2010), Minister for the Arts (2007-2008) and Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (2004).

Boris Johnson

Influencer #12: Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is the Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition in Parliament and Member of Parliament for Islington North.

He served on a variety of committees, including Chairman of the Defence Select Committee (1987-1990), Foreign Affairs Committee (1986-1992) and Energy Secretary to the Treasury Economic Planning Council from 1974–1979.

jeremy corbyn

Influencer #13: Richard Fenton

Richard Fenton is the Founder of Wealth Simple and formerly an executive at TD Ameritrade.

He served as Director of Marketing for TD Ameritrade from 2004-2013, responsible for marketing strategy, advertising programmes and other consumer communications.

Richard Fenton

Influencer #14: Emmanuel Asuquo

Emmanuel Asuquo is the Founder of Wealthify and was a former investment banker.

He has over 18 years experience in financial markets, asset management and private equity investments

Emmanuel Asuquo

Influencer #15: Andy Webb

Andy Webb is the Founder of Asset Match and formerly an executive at Goldman Sachs.

He was the Managing Director and European Head of Equity Derivatives Sales from 2001 to 2009. He was responsible for managing a team focused on equity derivatives sales in Europe.

Andy Webb

Influencer #16: Faith Archer

Faith Archer is the founder of Much More With Less and the author of The Conscious Entrepreneur.

She has been a consultant, mentor and coach since 2005 to entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses.

Faith Archer

Influencer #17: Jenni Hill

Jenni Hill is the founder of Financial Independents and a former hedge fund manager. She left her career in finance to focus on building an information-based resource for people who are trying to make better financial decisions.

Jenni Hill

Influencer #18: Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosak is the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He was the Managing Director and the European Head of Equity Derivatives Sales from 2001 to 2009, responsible for managing a team focused on equity derivatives sales in Europe.

robert kiyosaki

Influencer #19: Aman Natt

Aman Natt is a London-based, US citizen who founded Aman and the Map. He’s been an entrepreneur for over 20 years in Silicon Valley and has led teams that have raised more than $200 million from VCs to startups.

Top UK Investment Blogs & Influencers

Influencer #20: Clare Seal

Clare Seal is a British investor who became famous for her appearance on Dragons’ Den. She launched the Clare Investing website to share tips and advice with other investors in order to help them make better decisions.

clare seal


Blog #21: Make Money Without A Job

Make Money Without A Job is a resource that helps you find ways to make money without having to rely on a job.

The blog showcases many genuine online opportunities, such as selling your old smelly shoes or doing surveys for cash. There are more than 100 examples of possible income streams in the book and it’s a great place to start if you’re trying to break free from work dependence.

Make Money

Blog #22: Saving Scotts

Saving Scotts is a blog that seeks to provide advice and ways for the average reader, who may not be as financially savvy or familiar with finances in general. They share tips on finding alternative sources of income and money-saving ideas to help people live more frugally.

Saving Scotts

Blog #23: Mums Savvy Savings

This blog is for the average budget-conscious mum who wants to save money and make better financial decisions. They share advice on ways to cut out unnecessary expenses, avoid overspending in general and other useful tips that will help them get a handle on their finances.

Mums Savvy Savings

Blog #24: The Frugal Cottage

Another UK-based blog, The Frugal Cottage is a place for readers who want to live more frugally. They offer tips and advice on how to get the most out of your money every day.

Frugal Cottage

Blog #25: Your Money Sorted

Your Money Sorted helps its readers get a handle on their finances. They offer advice in the form of articles to help you save money and make smarter financial decisions.

Your Money Sorted

Blog #26: Lotty Earns

Lotty Earns is all about making money. They offer advice on how to start earning, as well as ways to make extra income and keep it coming in – even when you’re not working a traditional job.

Lotty Earns

Blog #27: I Beat Debt

I Beat Debt is a blog about helping you to get out of debt. They offer advice on how to reduce your spending, as well as reading lists and tips for keeping yourself motivated.

I Beat Debt

Blog #28: Savings 4 Savvy Mums

Savings for Savvy Mums is all about saving money. They offer advice on how to save money and make the most out of your budget, as well as reading lists for those who want to learn more about personal finances.

Savings Savvy Mums

Blog #29: Much More With Less

Much More With Less is all about inspiring you to live a frugal life. They offer advice on how to get more from your stuff, and even have articles where they discuss their own experiences of living a simpler lifestyle.

Much More

Blog #30: 7 Circles

The blog offers personal finance advice and has reading lists for anyone who wants to learn more about making their money work harder.

They also have a beginners guide on how to invest, as well as articles from guest bloggers sharing their own experiences of investing in the stock market.

Seven Circles

Blog #31: Be Clever With Your Cash

Focusing on the money side of personal finance, this blog offers advice and tips for making your money work harder. They also have some really useful reading lists about investing in shares too.

Be Clever

Blog #32: Debt Camel

This site is dedicated to helping people with debt. They offer advice on how to get out of credit card or mortgage debt, and also host a weekly Q&A for those looking for more help about their personal finances.

Debt Camel

Blog #33: Homely Economics

Homely Economics is a blog dedicated to helping people understand their finances better. They offer articles on how to make your money work harder, invest in shares and save up for retirement, as well as providing more general financial advice about mortgages and credit cards too.

Homely Economics

Blog #34: From Pennies To Pounds

The From Pennies To Pounds blog focuses on personal finance, offering articles about how to save money and deal with debt. They’ve also written a number of investment guides – these cover everything from shares to property as well as savings accounts too.

Pennies to Pounds

Blog #35: Household Money Saving

The Household Money Saving blog may be aimed at UK-based households, but it does have a lot of helpful tips for those looking to save money.

They offer guides on how to cut your monthly bills and also provide articles about making the most out of your bank account – with lots of simple budgeting advice too.

Household Money Saving

Blog #36: Money Saving Girl

The Money Saving Girl blog is written by a female blogger with the goal of helping people save money.

She offers advice on everything from cutting down your grocery bill to how you can make better use of cashback sites like Quidco – and she also has lots of investment guides too.

Top UK Investment Blogs & Influencers

Blog #37: Pounds & Sense

Pounds & Sense may be a UK-based investment blog, but they’re the experts when it comes to saving money.

They offer advice on everything from how you can make your own household products to tips for managing your family’s finances – and their articles are perfect for those looking to invest in stocks too!

Pound and Sense

Blog #38: Boost My Budget

Boost My Budget is one of the most popular UK investment blogs, and for good reason. They offer everything from tips on buying a new car to advice on how you can make your money work harder – and they also have lots of articles about investing.

Boost My Budget

Blog #39: Joleisa

Joleisa’s blog is a bit different from other UK investment blogs – it focuses on smart ways to make money and how you can invest in stocks. She also has a YouTube channel.


Blog #40: Mummy Money Matters

Mummy Money Matters is a UK investment blog that offers advice for working parents. They share tips on everything, from managing your household budget to the best ways you can invest in stocks.

Mummy Money

Blog #41: Latest Deals

Latest Deals is a UK investment blog that offers advice on investing. They offer advice for beginners and also tips for those who want to make money with investments like stocks.

Latest Deals

Blog #42: Frugal Expert

Frugal Expert is a UK investment blog that offers tips on saving money. They offer advice for people who want to make their cash go as far as possible, and they share lots of deals too.

Frugal Expert

Blog #43: The Diary Of A Frugal Family

The Diary Of A Frugal Family is a UK investment blog that offers tips on saving money. They offer advice for people who want to make their cash go as far as possible, and they share lots of deals too.

Diary of A Frugal Family

Blog #44: KatyKicker

KatyKicker is a UK investment blog that offers advice on investing. They offer tips for beginners and also tips for those who want to make money with investments like stocks.

Katy Kicker

Blog #45: Mrs. Mummy PennyInfluencers

Mrs. Mummy PennyInfluencers is a UK investment blog that offers advice on investing and saving money. They have tips for beginners, but they also offer more in-depth financial help as well.

Mummy Penny


Websites #46: Monevator

Monevator is a website that offers investing advice in the UK. They offer information on personal finance and different ways to invest your money.


Websites #47: The Motley Fool UK

The Motley Fool UK is a website that offers investing advice. They offer content on stocks, bonds, and other ways to invest your money as well.

Motley Fool

Websites #48: This is Money

This is Money is a website that offers investing advice. They offer different stocks and shares as well, all with their own in-depth analysis.

This Is Money

Websites #49: The Financial Times

The Financial Times has an article where it discusses what will happen to UK investments. It talks about stocks, bonds, real estate and more like interest rates as well.

Financial Times

Websites #50: What Investment

This is a website that focuses on the investing side of personal finance. They focus on investment types, and they even have articles about how to invest in different firms.

What Investment

Websites #51: UK Value Investor

UK Value Investor is focused on international investment. They also offer tips and tricks, as well as updates about the markets.

Value Investor

Websites #52: Property Investments UK

Property Investments UK is focused on property and how to invest in it. They offer lots of information about the market, as well as tips for investing.

Property Investments

Websites #53: Schroders

Schroders is a company that invests in stocks, bonds and other assets around the world. They offer investment ideas as well as news about their economy.


Websites #54: Nutmegonomics

Nutmegonomics is based in the Netherlands and offers investment advice about stocks, bonds, ETFs and more. They also offer different market perspectives.


Websites #55: Investment Week Magazine

Investment Week Magazine is based in the UK and provides information about different markets, business news and more. They have articles on a variety of investment topics.

Investment Week

Websites #56: Invstr

Invstr is a website that helps you invest wisely in your future. They offer lots of information about investing, as well as tips for how to get started.


Websites #57: Mazars UK Trusted Advisers

Mazars UK Trusted Advisers offers financial advice and will help you invest wisely in your future. They offer a variety of investment services, as well as access to the latest news about their markets.


Websites #58: Property Investment Project

The Property Investment Project is a website that provides property investment information and advice to help you invest wisely in the future. They offer articles on how to find profitable properties, as well as other useful advice.

Investment Project

Websites #59: Seven Capital

Seven Capital is a website that offers advice on investments and helps you invest wisely in your future. They offer resources like articles about investing, the latest news, podcasts and more information for finding profitable opportunities.

Seven Capital

Websites #60: The Escape Artist

The Escape Artist is a website that offers investment help and advice to those who want to invest wisely. They offer articles on different types of investments, as well as podcasts about the latest in finance. They also have live events in cities across the country.

Escape Artist

Websites #61: Money Morning

Money Morning has been around since 1997. They provide investment help for your future needs and offer different types of assets like stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, and ETFs so you can find the right one for you.

Money Morning

Websites #62: Progressive Property

Progressive Property is another firm that provides investment help. They offer advice on property investing, and they also offer information about mortgages so you can use them for your own investment purposes.

Progressive Property

Websites #63: Investment Idiocy

Investment Idiocy is a blog that focuses on portfolio management. They have excellent investment articles, and they also offer podcasts to help you learn more about the latest in investing.

Investment Idiocy

Websites #64: FJP Investment

FJP Investment is a UK website that provides investment help. They offer advice for different types of investments, and you can also find various articles to read about the most recent trends in investing.

Fjp Investments

Websites #65: Buy2LetCars

Buy-to-let cars is an investment company based in the UK. They offer resources for anyone looking to invest in buy-to-let vehicles, and they also have articles about car rentals.

Buy To Let Cars

Websites #66: Bond Vigilantes

Bond Vigilantes is a blog that not only talks about the latest in investing but also puts out podcasts on investing. You can find articles with great insights and tips for finding new opportunities.

Bond Vigilantes

Websites #67: MoneyGrower

MoneyGrower is a website that offers ideas and advice on investing. They publish posts about specific topics such as how to invest in ETFs or how you can make money from cryptocurrencies.

Money Grower

Websites #68: Master Investor Magazine

Master Investor Magazine is a website that offers investment articles as well as tips and tutorials on how to make money. They also offer courses for those who want to learn more about investing.

Master Investor Magazine

Websites #69: Quietly Saving

Quietly Saving is a website that offers different investing ideas for people who are new to the world of investment. They offer articles on how you can start saving money and learn about what stocks, bonds, and commodities are.

Quietly Saving

Websites #70: Deep Value Investments

Deep Value Investments is a website that offers articles about investing as well as posts on how to make money from cryptocurrencies.

Value Investments

Common Questions

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Which Website Should a Beginner Use When They Are Learning About How to Invest?

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In Conclusion

The UK is a country that has been investing in new technologies and ideas for centuries. It’s only natural, then, to have some of the most innovative investment blogs, influencers, and websites on the internet today. If you’re looking for some inspiration or advice about how to invest your money wisely, this list might be able to help you out.

Whether you want someone with industry experience or just an opinionated blogger who will tell it as they see it, we’ve got something here for everyone.


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