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What’s an International Investment?

Different Types of Offshore Investments

An offshore investment1  is the keeping of money in a jurisdiction other than one’s own country of residence, and is a common solution to reducing tax liability2  in one’s home country. International investment often allows an investor the opportunity to enjoy higher rates of return than would be available in the investor’s home country. Some offshore investment options include money market, bond and equity assets through offshore organisations

Is It Safe?

There are many international investment jurisdictions that are considered safe such as the Bahamas, Cayman Islands and the Isle of Man, more than half the world’s assets are held in offshore jurisdictions.3  But the most important safety check that you can do is when you choose your financial adviser, make sure that the organisation you are dealing with is reputable and has a thorough understanding of offshore holdings.


This international holdings overview will provide you useful information about offshore business formation and investment.

An offshore organisation is an effective asset protection strategy that you establish outside your country of residence. It’s a legal and legitimate contract formed by a private individual, a board of directors, or group of organisations in order to protect their assets, funds, and wealth.

The Right Location

Making international holdings in certain jurisdictions entitles you to privileges that could mean continuous financial success for your business. Most international holdings overviews will advise you to choose your location carefully if you want to make the most out of your overseas business. Some of the most popular locations include Hong Kong, Panama, the British Virgin Islands, Belize, Nevis, and the Bahamas.

This international holdings overview will provide you important factors to consider when choosing the right location, which include:

  • Ease of Incorporation – Do your research or better yet, consult a reputable financial firm that will help you in deciding the right location for your offshore organisation.4  Look for a jurisdiction that has effective incorporation procedures so you can save considerable time, effort, and money.
  • Political and Economic Stability – Since most offshore companies are established in small jurisdictions and island nations, keep an eye on its political and economic stability which can affect your business performance or put your assets at risk.
  • Tax benefits – Different jurisdictions provide different tax privileges. Some offer zero tax liabilities for all your income and profits, regardless of where you conducted it. Other locations require you to pay a percentage of your business funds. Make sure that the taxes you incur will not exceed your potential ROI.
  • Formation and Operation Costs – These can vary differently depending on the jurisdiction. You have to allocate a part of your budget for incorporation costs, annual fees, virtual office, maintenance fees, audit requirements, etc.
  • Privacy – According to online international overview, most individuals or entities are looking up on this major factor when establishing an offshore organisation in a certain location. If you want strict confidentiality of your business details or complete anonymity of your identity, check out the offshore formation policies of Panama.
  • Perceptions of your Chosen Jurisdiction – Some locations are implicated with tax evasion, money laundering activities, and sub-legal enterprise. Even if you are not violating any law and you do not mind the stories, public perception can play a major role in the success of your offshore company.

The Right Reasons

Though having an international investment might be an appealing idea for a great number of people, you still have to weigh its pros and cons so you would not be doing a huge mistake that can ruin your business. If you are involved in any of the following activities, then being involved in an offshore formation might be the most rewarding business strategy for you.

  • E-commerce
  • Consultancy and counselling
  • International purchases, acquisition, and sales operations
  • Holding intellectual rights
  • Stockbroking and Forex
  • Custody of movable and immovable properties
  • Protection of inheritance wealth

You can write us and speak to our reputed financial adviser if you want to discuss this international holding overview in more detail.


This international explanation will give you tips on how to manage your funds wisely in this competitive world. Doing international contributions might be your most rewarding move yet. As long as you carefully choose your location and utilise sensible investment principles, then you can make the most out of your hard-earned money.

Being involved with international contribution means doing business in a country or jurisdiction different from an individual’s residence. Both big companies and small businesses alike are being formed abroad for various reasons, the most attractive benefits include legal and legitimate tax regulations, ability to diversify products, wide array of investment options, proximity to markets, and confidentiality of account.

Nevertheless, you have to make a careful decision in choosing the country or jurisdiction so you can play up your sound investment strategies to your advantage.

Funds Diversification

Keeping your business afloat in your own country might be difficult if your financial institution sets limits on the types of finance you can manage. And with all the bank charges and annual taxes you incur, it’s hard to maximise the potential growth of your funds.

Being involved in offshore company formation is easier these days because of technology and the attractive benefits that various jurisdictions offer to profit-driven entities. This international contribution explanation will give you that confidence you need to widen your horizons and be involved in funds diversification so you can boost your ROI5  and earn larger profits from your business.

Usually, most international holding explanation you read online will advise you to invest in foreign bonds and stocks in different markets abroad. Acquiring, leasing, and selling of commercial properties is also one way you can diversify your funds allocation and make the most out of it.

Diversification of your capital is necessary especially with the unstable economic conditions anywhere in the world. Instead of pouring all your funds in one type of investment in one country, you can tap foreign markets which will pave the way to higher sales and bigger profits.

Market Choice

An international holding explanation will also tell you to be careful in choosing the location for your business transactions. You have to be knowledgeable about the tax policies that its government implements for offshore companies as well as the investment portfolio that they allow foreign entities to be involved with. This way, you can plan accordingly and utilise sound finance principles that will contribute to your success.

An experienced offshore consultant can help you with the process of international holding. An offshore formation requires plenty of research and there are significant factors to consider. An overseas investment adviser can provide you with all the necessary details to develop the most suitable company structure for you.

The financial firm can also assist with setting up office requirements and obtaining work visas as well as securing required licenses, permits, and registration numbers. You can contact us and speak to our financial adviser regarding international finance explanation or to discuss your specific business expectations and needs.

Who Can Invest?

An international investment is the transferring or investing of money in offshore jurisdiction that has more investment opportunities. International investment solutions are available to anyone who has the money to invest offshore.

You will need to have the minimum investment amount and pay all necessary fees to start investing internationally. Over half of the world’s investments and assets are held in international jurisdictions. International jurisdictions offer attractive tax benefits which is the driving force behind investing offshore. The other reason why so many are investing offshore is because it’s less regulated and offers better investment options for income received on investments.

Why Should I Invest Internationally?

There are a couple of reasons why you might be interested in investing internationally:

Tax Advantages

When you invest internationally you will be able to benefit from various tax regulations. You will have lower tax rates and in some cases no tax to pay for income received from investments. You will need to check with your financial adviser about tax benefits in detail.

Lower Levels of Regulation

International holding are subject to lower levels of regulation

Investment Diversification

You can diversify your investments and thereby reduce risk. A wide range of investment opportunities are available for international investments.


Your information is kept strictly confidential. This helps manage taxes on income, capital gains and inheritance.

You can contact us and speak to our financial adviser if you want more information on “what is an international investment?”

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