All You Need To Know About Widows Pension

Last Updated: 23 Oct 2020
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What You Must Know About Widows Pensions

Widows pension or bereavement allowance refers to the benefits that the surviving spouse of a deceased employee, veteran, or retiree will receive. Civil partners are extended the same rights. Have you checked our article on Pension Entitlement And Drawdown? Make sure you don’t miss it!

How To Qualify For A Widows Pensions

  • A widow or widower must fulfil the specific criteria set by the company, Veterans Affairs policy, or Social Security
  • She/he can also give up her/his pension benefits if desired by putting it into writing
  • The widows pension is also based on the number of National Insurance Contributions (NICs1 ) of the deceased spouse (or civil partner) unless the death is caused by a disease or an accident.
  • Benefits will no longer be given once the surviving spouse reached the age of 65, has re-married, or engaged in a civil partnership.

Various Allowances

Widows Allowance

It is a regular weekly payment of ÂŁ95.25 as of 2009, providing that you are 45 years old and older but lower than the State pension age2  (60 for women and 65 for men) upon death of your spouse (or civil partner.) You need to submit an application for a widows allowance up to three months after the death of your spouse or partner. You will receive this allowance for 52 weeks after death.

Widows Payment

It is a one-time lump sum of ÂŁ2,000 (tax-free) that is given as help during the time of death of your spouse or civil partner. You must claim this payment three months after the death of your spouse unless you have no knowledge of his/her death. Find Out More About UK Pensions.

Widowed Parent’s Allowance

It is a maximum basic allowance of ÂŁ97.65 a week. You will receive the basic allowance if you have dependent children under the age of 19. You can also avail this even if your dependent is 20 years old, providing that you are still entitled to Child Benefit for them. Don’t miss our article about Pension Entitlement And Drawdown.3  It will help you make the right move with your pension scheme.

Pregnant women at the time of death of her husband (or civil partner) can also avail themselves of this allowance. Make sure you are all informed about the old age pension. Don’t miss our in depth article with all you need to know about an offshore pension.

Eligibility Criteria

You cannot claim any widows pension:

  • If you are already divorced from your spouse or you are already legally separated from your civil partner at the time of his/her death
  • If you are already remarried to someone else at the time of your previous spouse or civil partner’s death
  • If you are already living with someone else at the time of your spouse or civil partner’s death
  • If you are in prison or legal custody
  • If your spouse or civil partner’s death is on or after 9 April 2001

Payment Methods

Widows pension is paid out on a weekly basis. It can be any form of the following:

  • basic pension,4  with applied reduced rates for younger widows
  • Earnings-related additional funds that is based on the deceased’s National Insurance Contributions (NICs)

Do you want to receive all the benefits from your international pension plan? If so – do NOT miss our detailed articles! Be prepared and well informed.

Common Problems With Widows Pension

  • You were awarded with less than what you think you deserve.
  • Specific benefits were not given to you.
  • You were subjected to discrimination because of your race, sex, disability, or religion.

There is a whole lot of information you can read on pension paid to the pension holder’s spouse. If you have encountered the following problems when claiming your widows pension, you should make a complaint or challenge the decision. Learn why superannuation UK is so important for you. Don’t miss our detailed article that will help you understand it in details!

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