Women in Financial Advice in 2022

Who are the Top 10 Leading Women in Financial Advice in the UK In 2022?
Contributors: Nicola Date, Katherine Read. Reviewed by Francis Hui
Do You Want to Know More About the Women in Financial Advice Awards Nominees? Discover the Top 10 Leading Women & Their History in Finance. Keep Reading to Get the Full Scoop.

The Women in Financial Advice Awards are designed to celebrate and reward excellence, innovation, creativity,

And determination among female professionals who have achieved success at work or in business.

The 2021 nominees include some powerhouse leaders in the financial sector. Meet some of these incredible females who are taking the sector by storm:

#01. Ann-Marie Atkins, Tilney Financial Planning

As Tilney’s Head of Financial Planning for the North West, Ann-Marie Atkins, has already won numerous awards.

She’s an expert in financial risk assessment, therefore providing world-class advice.

As the recipient of Role Model of the Year at the 2020 Women in Finance awards, she is definitely one to watch.

ann marie atkins

#02. Cleona Lira, Celtic Financial Planning

Cleona has over 14 years of experience as a financial consultant1 and is a licensed financial planner.

She worked for an international bank before beginning her career as an independent financial adviser over 8 years ago.

Cleora is a chartered IFA, an ethical/SRI investments, and pensions specialist, and also advises on conventional investments and an array of pensions.

cleona lira

#03. Emma Steele, The Private Office

Emma became a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 2013 and joined Savills’ city investment team.

She spent her tenure at City Investment advising the UK and international institutions, property corporations, and individual customers on strategic matters.

emma steele

#04. Hannah Edwards, Eva Capital Management

Hannah Edwards, Managing Director and Owner of Eva Capital Management, is a leading figure in the world of wealth management2.

Hannah has worked in the financial services industry for a number of years, managing large teams of client-facing planners and, more recently, sitting on the board of regional wealth management.

hannah edwards

#05. Hortense Bioy, Morningstar

Hortense Bioy, CFA, is a member of the Morningstar Manager Research team in Europe, where she is the Director of Passive Strategies and Sustainability Research.

Hortense, who’s based in London, oversees a team that conducts independent research on ETFs3 and index funds4.

hortense bioy

#06. Jane Hodges, Money Honey Financial Planning

Jane Hodges boasts over 30 years of experience in the financial services business,

With responsibilities such as financial adviser, compliance, and substantial project management initiatives, as well as senior executive roles supporting the adviser community.

jane hodges

#08. Jayne Gibson, Insight.Out Financial

Jayne Gibson, MSc FPFS FCSI, is the Managing Director of Insight.Out Financial, a Belfast-based financial planning, and pension transfer firm.

Jayne was one of the first persons in the UK to earn the title of Chartered Financial Planner5, and is now one of the country’s most sought-after pension-transfer experts.

jayne gibson 1

#09. Karen Barrett, Unbiased

Karen Barrett is the creator and CEO of unbiased.co.uk, the premier website for connecting people with financial advisers.

Karen is a member of the Advisory Board of Money Marketing and the Mentor2mentee network, mentoring bright, capable, and ambitious female students outside of Unbiased.

She is passionate about technology, particularly in the financial sector, and women in business.

karen barrett

#10. Keeley Woodcock, Future Life Wealth Management

Keeley has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry,

With expertise in administration, accounts, para-planning, advising, compliance, business planning, and operations management, in an independent advisory environment.

keeley woodcock

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In Conclusion

Women in Financial Advice Awards were created to give recognition for the best female financial advisers on the market.

The purpose of awarding members is two-fold:

It helps us recognise those women in financial advice who have contributed significantly while also providing inspiration for other women seeking advancement opportunities within their profession or company.


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