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Last updated 06 March 2020
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Get Your ULTIMATE Equity Release Guide


How to correctly use Equity Release so it doesn't cost you a fortune, and allows you to access the value of your home, tax-free without having to sell up.

If you’re considering equity release you MUST BE AWARE of it’s pros and cons.

The last thing you want to do is release cash only to find out that you’ve done it incorrectly and you’re locked into something you WISH you hadn’t done.

Equity release is a fantastic product, but unfortunately people don’t fully understand it. This means that they get duped into something that’s not right for them.

However, when used correctly it’s incredibly powerful.

There’s a reason that every 12 minutes somebody in the UK, over 55 is unlocking tax-free cash from their home.

Do you want to be the person who goes in blindly only to make a big mistake?


Do you want to understand equity release, so that when you chat with an advisor you’ll know if they’re ‘selling’ you or are actually giving you good advice?

If this sounds like you, then make sure you download our FREE guide.

This guide took hundreds of hours of research and years of experience to put together.

I hope you enjoy it & find it valuable.

Equity Release Guide Download


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If you're thinking of equity release make sure you download this guide to find out:

  • What is Equity Release?
  • What are the Costs?
  • What are the Pitfalls?
  • What are the Plan Types?
  • What are the Alternatives?
  • Questions You Should Ask!

Is Equity Release right for you?

An equity release is where you choose how much extra income you wish to raise for your retirement by unlocking value from your property.

If you are retired or a home-owner over 55 and bought your home a number of years ago and are looking for a lump sum, regular smaller amounts or a regular income this could be the perfect option for you

Most popular reasons for releasing cash:

  • Add to your retirement income.
  • Pay off your credit debts or loans.
  • Gifting money to family. (E.g. helping children pay a deposit on their first house)
  • Paying off an existing mortgage.
  • Going on that dream holiday.
  • Replacing your car with the one you've always wanted.
  • Making home & garden improvements.
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All summed up in the ultimate guide to save you time & help you make an informed decision. is a marketplace connecting people with companies. Accordingly, does not provide quotes or sell products directly to consumers and is not a licensed agent or broker.

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