Business Strategy Principles (2022)

The 9 Core Principles to a Successful Business Strategy

Are You Looking to Put Together a Successful Business Strategy? Make Sure You Include These 9 Core Principles or You Will Be Setting Yourself Up for Failure. Read Them Now!

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9 Core Principles For a Successful Business Strategy


Are you looking to put together a successful business strategy?

Make sure you include these 9 core principals or failure will be sure to befall your business. Read them now!

You may be feeling uncertain about how to go about developing a strategic plan that will help your business grow.

You may not know the information to include in the program and what tools you need to have at your disposal.

Here are 9 building blocks to help you develop a comprehensive business strategy for your company.

You Must Have Net Cash

Net cash is the amount of money that a company has on hand and is an essential metric.

This is calculated by subtracting the current liabilities from the net assets to measure how much cash can be distributed without going into debt.

You Must Have Net Cash

Revenue Growth Reclaims Sustainability

Revenue growth is a crucial factor. This is the measurement of how much a company’s revenue has grown over time.

This helps to understand if their growth will be sustainable in the long term and which areas need more attention when marketing.

Revenue Growth Reclaims Sustainability

Know Your Net Income

This is the measurement of how much net income a company has earned for every dollar it spent.

This is simple arithmetic and helps to understand which areas need more investment when it comes to marketing and where there may be an opportunity for you to reduce costs.


Profit is Pivotal 

In the business world there is no doubt that profit usually takes precedence over most other aspects.

These are the net earnings from a company’s revenue.

This is important because there would be no money to pay off debt and reinvest into future operations of the business without it.

 Profit is Pivotal

Know Your Economic Value 

This is the measurement of how much a company has contributed to economic growth. It is the value of output minus the cost of input.

This helps to understand which industries will benefit from long-term investment,

Which may not last in the coming years due to technological changes or other external factors affecting their sustainability.

Know Your Economic Value

Growth Indices Add to Economic Growth

Growth indices are the best measure of economic growth. These are the measurements of how much a company has grown in comparison to its peers.

It is an indicator of competitive advantage and helps investors determine if that business will continue to deliver earnings growth over time or,

Whether it should be cashed out sooner before there’s no more upside potential left.

Growth Indices Add to Economic Growth

Operational Efficiency is Productivity

This is a measure of how efficiently a company operates. Operational efficiency equals the ratio of total output to the ratio of total input.

It tells investors whether or not the current management team has been able to be impactful in driving down costs and be more efficient in their operations.

This can then translate into earnings growth over time.

Operational Efficiency is Productivity

Liquidity Gives You Spending Freedom

Liquidity is a measure of how easily the company can use its cash and amounts to more breathing space.

Liquidity affects short-term earnings and financial stability, as well as long-term growth potential.

Liquidity Gives You Spending Freedom

Balance Efficiency and Solvency

The balance between efficiancy and solvency is the ratio of how much money a company can spend before it needs to obtain new financing.

A high number would indicate plenty of cash on hand, which helps for short term and long-term planning purposes.

Balance Efficiency and Solvency

Common Questions

What's in a Business Strategy?

What's Economic Value Added?

What's Liquidity?

What's Economic Growth?


Pay particular attention to the principles involving net cash, revenue growth, net income, profit, economic value, growth indices, operational efficiency, liquidity, efficiency, and solvency.

They can guide your way and make it easier for you to steer a successful business strategy that works for you and your clients.


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