Income Lifetime Mortgage

Your Comprehensive Guide to Understanding How an Income Lifetime Mortgage Works

How Can You Get Lifetime Mortgage Relief? Here's All You Need to Know About Income Only Lifetime Mortgages. Choose the Best Equity Release Plan Now...

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income lifetime mortgage
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What’s an Income Lifetime Mortgage?

A Complete Guide to Income Lifetime Mortgages in Oct 2021

Don’t get caught in a terrible financial situation when there could be an easy solution!

Life after retirement can be difficult, especially if you don’t have enough money to support your needs or to keep up with your pre-retirement lifestyle.

Great news! That’s where income lifetime mortgage plans come in.

We’re here to help you discover:

  • An introduction to income lifetime mortgage plans.
  • How they work in Oct 2021.
  • Income lifetime mortgage plan qualification criteria.
  • The expenses involved.

We’ve spent hours studied plans from over 25 of the best equity release lenders and we’re here to give you sound advice. Now, let’s get into income lifetime mortgages right away!

What’s an Income Lifetime Mortgage Plan?

Let’s be honest, pensions and benefits often won’t cover all your financial needs.

Life can be expensive and with a shakey economy due to Covid-19, even more so than ever.

However, if you’re a homeowner, and you and your spouse are over 55, an income lifetime mortgage could be the perfect solution to fulfill your financial needs.

It’s basically an equity release scheme that allows you to top up your retirement income. This is possible through a fixed income paid into your account monthly.

It also comes in handy when you don’t require a substantial quantity of money that either a lump-sum1  or drawdown equity release scheme2  can offer you.

If this scheme is not suitable for your needs, be sure to check out the ‘Types of Lifetime Mortgage Schemes’ so you can choose the plan to solve your financial crisis.

The Mechanics of an Income Lifetime Mortgage Scheme

Every equity release works in almost the same manner. You get to unlock the equity tied into your home. Nothing is owed during your lifetime. The loan, plus fixed-rate compound interest is then repaid from the sale of your home when you pass away or move into permanent care.

In the case of an income lifetime mortgage, the funds released are then paid into your account monthly.

Great news!

The income is seen as a loan and not a salary and is, therefore, completely tax-free.

If you don’t require a substantial quantity of money right now, but could benefit from excess finances in your pocket every month, an income plan could be your best option. However, since this plan is new to the equity release market, the companies that can offer it to you are limited.

4 Qualification Criteria of an Income Lifetime Mortgage

As with other schemes, the income lifetime mortgage plan’s qualification criterion in Oct 2021 is dependent on:

  • Your age
  • Your property portfolio
  • The lender’s requirements
  • The condition of your health

According to most lenders’ criteria; however, the minimum initial amount you can take out is £2,500 to assist you in covering the set-up charges, up to a maximum 10% of the amount you borrow.

The minimum income payment is usually £200 per month, and you have several options to get this over 10 to 15, or 20 to 25 years.

Your estate also needs to have a minimum value of £100,000, and the youngest homeowner must be over 55 years to qualify.

Here’s an indication of how this plan can work across the 3 different income plans that Legal & General offer their consumers in Oct 2021.

Let’s say, Liza Gödel is 60 years of age, her estate has a market value of £500,000, and she opts to take out a 20-year income term and chooses to take out the maximum initial loan.

Plan Name Max Loan Max Initial Loan Max Monthly Income
Income Plan £137,500 £13,750 £555
Income Plus £159,000 £15,900 £645
Income Max Plus £216,000 £21,600 £883

As you see, Liza can opt to get the monthly payout between £555 and £883.

To get more information and see how much you can borrow, why not use our free estimator?

5 Costs Associated with Income Lifetime Mortgages

Like other lifetime mortgage schemes, before going ahead to take out a plan, it’s vital that you know the expenses associated.

In Oct 2021, these can include:

  • The financial adviser’s3  fee – they help you set up your income lifetime mortgage plan.
  • An arrangement fee to the plan provider – to cover their administration and legal fees.
  • The solicitor’s4  fees – for legal advice.
  • Property valuation fees – the surveyor fees.
  • The completion fee – you can pay at the point of fulfilment or add it to the final mortgage amount.

As with most lenders, these costs can tally up to about £1,500-£3,000. You might also have to pay more charges if you opt to make ‘early repayment charges.’

In Conclusion

Each year, £3.5bn in benefits remain unclaimed by UK retirees. You are likely entitled to benefits, but if you’ve claimed yours, and they’re still not enough, an income lifetime mortgage plan could be the solution.

If your income is limited and you want to keep up with your lifestyle, then it may be the best option for you. The best part is that you’re not restricted on how you can use the sum.

Call up your financial specialist for expert advice today to get the ball rolling. Your life could change forever.

Editorial Note: This content has been independently collected by the SovereignBoss advisor team and is offered on a non-advised basis. Sovereignboss may earn a commission on sales made from partner links on this page, but that doesn’t affect our editors’ opinions or evaluations.

Contributors: Nicola Date, Katherine Read
Reviewed by Francis Hui

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