Stock Market Influencers (2022)

Are You an Investor Trying to Keep up to Date With Stock Trends? Then, You Need to Follow These 30 Impactful Influencers

The Stock Market Is a Challenge but There Are People at the Top Of This Field Offering Free Legitimate Advice on Social Media. Here Are 30 Influencers of the Stock Market the You Shouldn't Miss Out on Following.

Stock Market Influencers

Meet 30 Stock Market Influencers Every Investor Should Know


When we talk about an “influencer,” we’re talking about someone who has gained a lot of followers on social media by having credibility in their field.

Their charm and uniqueness, or the power of their expertise and advice, are usually the reasons for their impact.

If you’re wanting to arm yourself with an investing app and earn some money, here’s a look at some of the top stock market influencers to keep an eye on.

#01. Elon Musk

Musk’s “Gamestonk1” remark wasn’t the first time his Twitter account caused a stir in the financial world.

The SEC2 sued him in 2018 after he mused on Twitter about taking Tesla private, and the two finally negotiated an agreement the following year.

According to Musk’s tweets, Tesla stock has climbed and plummeted.

His public interest in Bitcoin has also pushed up the price of the digital currency.

Musk has legions of loyal followers who are more than willing to follow their billionaire guru’s financial counsel.

That doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

Elon Musk

#02. Chamath Palihapitiya

Chamath Palihapitiya, a Canadian-American venture entrepreneur and Chairman of Virgin Galactic,

Has 1.4 million Twitter followers and routinely expresses his opinion on the markets.

Palihapitiya tweeted in support of the Redditors that lifted GME’s stock to new heights when GameStop went public, applauding them for their “wild, crazy, baller” act.

In January, he asked his millions of followers which firm he should “throw a couple hundred thousand dollars at,” and he bought $125,000 in GameStop call options.

The next day, he closed his investment and contributed the proceeds.

Palihapitiya attacked the trading app Robinhood on social media in the days that followed, instead of promoting another startup, according to Social Finance.

chamath palihapitiya

#03. Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood of ARK Invest is swiftly gaining a reputation as one of the most powerful “stock pickers” in the industry,

Drawing parallels to Warren Buffet Wood’s fund has been so successful and well-known that it has spawned a clothing line.

cathie wood

#04. Dave Portnoy

Since the pandemic began, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has moved his focus from sports to the stock market with his 2.4 million Twitter followers.

To his thousands of supporters, Portnoy has pushed everything from sports betting3 enterprises to cannabis stocks.

He also put $700,000 into AMC, but later tweeted that he had sold all of his “meme stocks” and had lost $700,000 in the process.

dave portnoy

#05. Ray Dalio

Dalio, the founder of a successful hedge fund4 known for backing government bonds and currencies in the past shares his current thoughts on global politics and markets with his followers.

He’s also a well-known thinker on how to make your work life more efficient.

ray dalio

#06. Sallie Krawcheck

She’s the founder of an artificial intelligence company that provides financial services specialised to women.

But, regardless of whether your are a woman or not, Krawcheck is a wonderful source of investment advice.

Her articles also touch on how gender and other social variables affect money and finance.

sallie krawcheck

#07. Edward Yardeni

Expect in-depth analyses of economic and financial indicators, typically accompanied by useful graphics.

There are also frequent dives into historic patterns, such as a popular series on the current financial crisis.

The unexpected last component is Yardeni’s weekly informal movie reviews, in which he offers his ideas after a Friday night theatre excursion with his wife.

edward yardeni

#08. Danielle DiMartino Booth

Booth, a former banker, and counsel to the Federal Bank of Dallas, uses her broad professional knowledge to create essays that are occasionally provocative but always well-informed.

As you might guess, there’s a lot of attention on the United States, and how Trump’s policies are reverberating throughout the world.

danielle dimartino booth

#09. Hillary Stevenson

Whether you like it or not, no trader can afford to ignore oil and its markets, which have an impact on almost everything financial at some point.

Stevenson is an excellent guide, keeping followers informed on anything that might affect oil prices, such as new refineries, big data, and storms.

hillary stevenson

#10. Krishna Memani

Memani, who is a fixed income specialist, is in charge of all investment teams at global asset management Oppenheimer Funds.

His writings, which include investing, monetary policy5, and politics, provide his readers with valuable information – and, more often than not, a witty title.

krishna memani

#11. Frank Holmes

Attention, goldbugs!

Holmes is the king of metals. Anticipate many posts on this market, which can have ramifications across other asset classes.

Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-related assets, on the other hand, appear on his feed at the opposite extreme of the risk scale.

frank holmes

#12. Oliver Velez

He’s a worldwide trade presenter and is regularly featured in television and print media.

He was dubbed the “Messiah of Trading” by Dow Jones in 1991.

He has also published five books on financial markets and is the creator of Ifundtraders,

A company that trains and prepares people to enter the professional world of stock and currency trading.

oliver velez

#13. John Bollinger

He’s a Television pundit and technical analyst. He’s the founder and president of a firm, Bollinger Capital Management Inc. that handles individual and corporate assets.

He is also the developer of “Bollinger Bands®” and other similar tools, which are now included in most analytical and charting software.

john bollinger

#14. Warren Edward Buffett

Warren Edward Buffett is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and an American investor, business magnate, and philanthropist.

He is regarded as one of the world’s most successful investors, with a net worth of more than $100.6 billion as of April 2021, making him the world’s sixth-richest person.

warren buffett

#15. Barry Ritholtz

Barry Ritholtz is an author, newspaper columnist, blogger, stocks analyst, CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, and Bloomberg Television guest pundit.

Ritholtz hosts the Bloomberg Podcast Masters in Business, in which he interviews experts on markets, investment, and business.

barry ritholtz

#16. Joshua Morgan Brown

Joshua Morgan Brown is an American author, writer, blogger, and CNBC pundit, as well as the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management in New York City, which he co-founded with Barry Ritholtz.

He also contributes to Yahoo and Wikipedia as a columnist.

joshua brown

#17. Peter David Schiff

A stockbroker, author, and financial pundit from the United States. He also has his own podcast, The Peter Schiff Show, which is well-known and popular on Twitter.

His account now has over 300,000 followers and over 16,000 tweets.

peter david schiff

#18. Nathan Michaud

Nathan has already made $10,000 in a single day. He is the epitome of a day trader. He has over 100,000 followers and over 50,000 tweets, many of which are recent.

He’s a very busy trader who is entertaining to watch.

nathan michaud

#19. Joe Kunkle

Joe Kunkle is a specialist in the field of options.

He’s continuously examining and trading stocks, calculating which ones will move based on rises in the underlying equities’ options trades.

His directional trading skills allow him to accurately predict many of the profitable movements, making him a must-follow.

joe kunkle

#20. Scott Redler

He’s a technical analyst and the more you observe him, the better you will get at stock charting.

He offers unparalleled stock-charting experience and instructional materials, with over 20,000 tweets and frequent updates.

scott redler

#21. Kathryn Cicoletti

Kathryn Cicoletti, a former financial analyst, surrendered her 13 years of expertise for the chance to empower, educate, and entertain an audience on investing matters.

She’s the founder of Ms. Cheat Sheet, a website with bite-sized instructive video courses made to assist investors make more money.

kathryn cicoletti

#22. Barbara Friedberg

Barbara Friedberg may have the answers to your personal financial questions.

She writes on saving, investing, and wealth-building ideas on her blog.

Friedberg wants to show her followers that investing and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars doesn’t have to be difficult.

barbara friedberg

#23. Larry Ludwig

He’s the founder of Investor Junkie, a website dedicated to assisting you in becoming a better investor.

Ludwig gives a high-level overview of stocks and investing, but delves deeper on issues like financial independence and personal finance.

He understands these issues since he’s a company owner and an investor, so you’re getting advice from a pro.

larry ludwig

#24. Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose is a licensed financial advisor and the founder and CEO of his own wealth management business6.

He’s also the author of a financial best-seller and a natural at assisting others in achieving financial freedom.

jeff rose

#25. Joe Udo

Joe Udo accomplished his goal of retiring before the age of 40, and now he wants to help you achieve yours.

On his blog, Retire by 40, he explains how you can do just that, quit your job and retire by the time you reach your forties.

joe udo

#26. Claer Barrett

A financial journalist who has also worked as a broadcaster. She hosts the FT’s Money Clinic podcast and is a regular on radio and television, as well as at FT events.

claer barrett

#27. Jim Marous

Jim Marous is the co-publisher of The Financial Brand, host of the Banking Transformed podcast.

He’s also the owner and CEO of the Digital Banking Report, a subscription-based journal with over 200 reports in the digital archive that are available to members.

jim marous 1

#28. Spiros Margaris

STC Pay’s board of directors and executive committee include Swiss fintech specialist Spiros Margaris.

He isn’t only a leading fintech and insurtech specialist in Switzerland; his influence is definitely worldwide.

That’s what Wefox Group announced when it hired him as an adviser two years ago – Wefox being another unicorn insurtech with a valuation of 1.65 billion euros ($1.96 billion).

spiros margaris

#29. Efi Pylarinou

Efi Pylarinou is a seasoned Wall Street professional who has a Ph.D. in Finance and works as an independent Fintech7 & Blockchain8 adviser.

In 2019 Refinitiv Global Social Media dubbed her as the No. 3 financial influencer and the No. 1 women influencer.

efi pylarinou

#30. Matteo Carbone

Matteo is the co-founder and non-executive director of IoT Insurance Observatory,

As well as an insurtech thought leader, keynote speaker, and writer on insurance innovation. He’s one of the most influential insurtech figures in the world.

matteo carbone

In Conclusion

The list of business people mentioned above are highly regarded in their field.

They’ve made millions of dollars in the stock market and are using social media as a platform to reach ordinary people interested in investment.

They’re influencers because they share valid knowledge, experience and market forecasts.

They’re defiantly worth the follow for the best investment advice.

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