UK's Top Financial Influencers on Social Media

10 Financial Influencers You Should Be Following on Social Media

Are You in Need of Some Money Saving Tips and Tricks? Does Reading a Long Book on Finances Sound Too Intimidating? Then, You Need to Follow These 10 Top Financial Influencers ASAP. Read Why Below.

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top 10 uk social media influencers in finance
In this Article

Influencers have to know what their audience wants and most importantly, speak their language. These Top 10 financial influencers sure know what they’re talking about and best of all, in a language we can all understand.

We’re happy to say that these money smart ideas come in bite sized paragraphs, straight from social media. Here are the 10 most influential UK social media influencers you have to follow today for great financial advice.

#1: Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is a well-known financial journalist. He writes for The Telegraph and Money Saving Expert, among other publications.

He also has his own TV show on ITV called Martin’s Money Tips which he hosts with Amanda Drury from the BBC.

Martin Lewis

#2: Faisal Islam

Faisal Islam is the Economics editor for Channel Four News.

He has won many awards, including two from the Royal Statistical Society1 and one from Amnesty International2.

faisal islam

#3: Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis is the founding editor of The Guardian’s Money section and a presenter on Sky News.

He was also named Columnist of the Year by Spear’s Magazine in 2012 as well as being chosen as The Financial Journalist of the Year for 2013 at The City Press Awards.

Paul Lewis

#4: Ian King

Ian King is the Head of News at Sky News and has been with them since 2010.

His career in journalism began back in 1985 when he became a correspondent for The Sunday Times’ business section, called ‘City Diary’.

He then went on to become Managing Director of FT Alphaville as well as Deputy Editor of Financial Weekly magazine from 1996-1998 and Assistant Editor at Businessweek TV program from 1998 -2000.

ian king

#5: Ian Cowie

Ian Cowie has been in the journalism game for a while now with his work coming to life on The Sunday Times and other major publications.

Ian’s career is highlighted by three years of winning awards from the Association of Investment Companies, including being named Best Freelance Journalist over 2019-2017.

Ian Cowie

#6: Jeff Prestridge

Jeff Prestridge is the personal finance editor for The Mail on Sunday and also writes as a columnist at Financial Adviser.

He’s been in these roles since 2004, which has given him ample experience to comment intelligently about current events that affect people all over the world.

Jeff Prestridge

#7: Claer Barrett

Claer Barrett is the Executive Editor at The Financial Times.

She has been with The Financial Times for over 20 years and was previously a reporter, columnist and editor for many of their other columns including Personal Finance, Business News and Consumer Insight.

Claer Barrett

#8: Jasmine Birtles

Jasmine Birtles is a journalist and presenter for BBC News.

She was the business correspondent on Today and presented on Westminster Live. Birtles also reported across all of the BBC’s TV news channels including Channel Four News in London.

Jasmine Britles

#9: Hilary Osborne

Hilary Osborne is a Journalist for The Guardian and has been with them since 1999.

She was the first person to report on Facebook’s IPO4 back in 2012 as well as being one of the first people to cover Twitter when it launched, according to her website.

Hilary Osborne

#10: Tara Evans

Tara Evans is the digital consumer editor for The Sun online and the editor of its website, TheSun.co.uk since 2011.

She has previously been deputy editor of the Sunday People and worked as an executive producer for BBC Breakfast.

Tara Evans

In Conclusion

Social media has become a powerful tool for brands and companies to reach their target market.

Financial firms are no exception, as they must now contend with the rise of social influencers in finance who have amassed large followings on platforms like Twitter. These 10 influencers are well worth following.


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