UK Retirement Blogs in Jan 2022

The Latest & Greatest Retirement Blogs in the UK in 2021

Contributors: Nicola Date, Katherine Read. Reviewed by Francis Hui

If You're Considering Retirement, or You Know Someone Who Is Then It's Important That You're Aware of All Your Options Before Making a Decision. In This Article, We've Listed Some of the Influencers, Best Blogs About Retirement in the UK as Well as Websites Where You Can Find Information on Pensions and Investments.

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Top 20 UK Retirement Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2022

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As your golden years begin the approach, there’s mounting pressure to retire successfully. Even if you’re young, you might want to consider implementing strategies for later on in life or finding ways to assist your ageing parents.

Much of the information on retirement in the UK can be found online. If you’re interested in the topic, you’ll want to check out our list below.

Here’s the top 20 blogs, websites and influencers to follow in 2021!

#01. Mr. Money Mustache

If there’s a “father figure” in the FIRE community1, it’s Pete Adeney. He managed to retire in 2005, at the ripe old age of 30! He did so to start a family and have the opportunity to spend quality time with them.

Adeney established the Mr. Money Mustache blog in 2011. It’s a homage to his disdain for American consumerism, as well as practical advice on how middle-class people can avoid living beyond their means.

Link: Mr. Money Mustache

pete adeney

#02. The FireStarter

The Firestarter is a place for you to get the latest updates on financial independence and early retirement, including ways to save money and make more.

You’ll also find tips and hacks from top financial experts!

Link: The FireStarter

the firestarter logo

#03. Monevator

Monevator is a personal blog about money. The blog aims to inspire you by giving more than just basic financial knowledge. Their witty articles will give you practical tools to cope with life’s financial challenges.

Link: Monevator

monevator logo

#04. Financial Samurai

Another FIRE figure with a long history is Sam Dogen. He left employment in the banking industry after 13 years and retired early in 2012.

On the other hand, Dogen’s adventure started on unstable ground, as the Great Recession and subsequent bear market had just wiped out 35% of his net worth.

Financial Samurai is his blog, which he describes as a “cathartic means to make sense of all the devastation and relieve the agony.”

Link: Financial Samurai

financial samurai

#05. Mad Fientist

Brandon Ganch, 33, began blogging in early 2012 about his quest to achieve FIRE. He has carved out a distinct niche in the community with his blog, Mad Fientist, by spending much of his attention on numbers, optimisation, and lawful tax evasion tactics.

His concrete numbers, combined with a podcast and software he created to assist individuals in managing their money, soon established him as a go-to resource in the industry.

Link: Mad Fientist

mad fientist

#06. Chief Mom Officer

Liz Gendreau, a 38-year-old IT project manager, isn’t your average FIRE candidate: She is the breadwinner of her family and the mother of 3 children ranging in age from 4 to 15.

Gendreau started her blog, Chief Mom Officer, after observing there weren’t many working-mother voices in the FIRE community.

Her objective is to assist women in managing their money and families, thrive in their careers, and achieve financial independence.

Link: Chief Mom Officer

chief mom officer

#07. Our Next Life

Work Optional, Retire Early author Tanja Hester The Non-Penny-Pinching Way is sometimes referred to as the FIRE movement’s “matriarch.” The matriarch is a young woman. She left the company in 2017 at the age of 38.

Hester and her husband, Mark Bunge, write the blog Our Next Life, which details how they become financially self-sufficient and envision retirement.

Link: Our Next Life

tanja hester

#08. Traveling Wallet

Melissa Neacato writes about how she could wipe off her debt and start saving in her blog, the Traveling Wallet.

She hopes that by writing, she’ll encourage those who are struggling financially.

Link: Traveling Wallet

melissa neacato

#09. Money Bulldog

Adam started Money Bulldog back in 2012 to help people understand how they could be proactive with their finances.

He wanted to share his experience in the world of personal finance to make an impact.

Link: Money Bulldog

money bulldog web logo 2

#10. Rich®ULAR

Julien and Kiersten Saunders are planning to retire early. In their blog, Rich®ULAR, the Saunders have urged other African-Americans to join them in their pursuit of FIRE.

They don’t shy away from discussing the unique social and economic problems that people of color confront.

Link: Rich®ULAR

julien and kiersten saunders

#11. One Frugal Girl

One Frugal Girl, the blog’s creator, chooses to stay anonymous because she dislikes the concept of flaunting her family’s wealth, she says. Despite this, she’s been documenting her journey to financial independence since 2006, long before the phrase “financial independence” was coined.

She believes that her attitude toward money stems from her upbringing in a frugal, single-income household.

Link: One Frugal Girl

one frugal girl

#12. The Finance Zombie

The Finance Zombie founder saw the blog as a journey towards financial independence. It helped him sort out the few things he had left in his mind with a plan that would work for him, if not anyone else looking for one.

This personal finance blog has heavy metal, zombies, and cycling, just as they should! This man knows what’s up when it comes down to money matters.

Link: The Finance Zombie

the finance zombie

#13. A Way to Less!

A Way to Less is written by a professional couple in their late twenties or early thirties living in Northern England, United Kingdom. They want to show that FIRE can be achieved on considerably more normal earnings. In fact, they believe that no matter what your financial situation is, you can make changes to improve your situation.

Link: A Way to Less!

a way to less

#14. Tread Lightly, Retire Early

Angela Rozmyn’s worry that women’s blogs were underrepresented in the FIRE community drove her to create Tread Lightly, Retire Early, a website dedicated to her favourite female FIRE blogs.

The list has grown to include over 100 female FIRE bloggers since then. Rozmyn’s Women’s Personal Finance Facebook group, meanwhile, has over 7 000 members.

Link: Tread Lightly, Retire Early

angela rozmyn

#15. Compound Your Freedom

Recently, Simba discovered the idea of financial independence and was inspired by a few people who managed it in their thirties.

He realised that even someone with an average income could retire earlier than expected if you put enough into your savings every month and maintain a good lifestyle like not spending money frivolously or buying things we don’t need.

Link: Compound Your Freedom

compound your freedom

#16. Money for the Modern Girl

A 40-something European who moved to London many years ago. She began blogging to share her thoughts and learn about money and financial independence. She hopes to inspire women and men of all ages and backgrounds to become empowered by understanding money and developing healthy relationships.

Link: Money for the Modern Girl

money for the modern girl

#17. One Million Journey

Tony was born in Spain in 1985 and now resides in the English county of West Sussex.

Things have changed rapidly in recent years. With the rise in the use of the internet and technology, his life has been completely altered.

He speaks about how technology allows us to seek out opportunities, conduct research, connect, communicate with others, learn, invest, and engage in various other possibilities.

Link: One Million Journey

new one million logo design

#18. Skint Dad

Ricky and Naomi Willis, who were fed up with being broke and fighting to make ends meet, founded Skint Dad in 2013 to aid other individuals in similar situations.

With over 300 000+ monthly readers, Skint Dad has developed into one of the largest money blogs in the UK and was named Financial Blog of the Year at the prestigious Headline Money Awards.

Link: Skint Dad

skint dad

#19. Pathtolife2

Over the long term, Firelite aims to achieve financial independence by saving and investing in a diversified portfolio.

She has a clearer framework to achieve her goal of financial freedom and working out what she finds fulfilling about work. This is a positive habit that will serve her for years, even after achieving this milestone.

Link: Pathtolife2


#20. Monethalia

Jennifer is in her early thirties and lives in London. She’s currently working full-time as a medical writer and personal finance blogger to achieve financial independence as a single woman.

Monethalia strives to provide you with the motivation you need to begin working toward financial freedom.

Link: Monethalia


In Conclusion

Retirement is a big deal. It’s not just about understanding the benefits and how to plan for your future but also finding ways to enjoy retirement while making sure you keep up with all of your health needs.

Products like equity release could be the answer to retiring comfortably.

There are a number of blogs and websites that offer advice and insights into different aspects of retirement. It’s important to check these credible sources for your reference!


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