Best Financial Blogs in 2022

24 Excellent Personal Finance Blogs: What You Should Be Reading & Why

Are You Looking for the Best Personal Finance Blogs That Can Help You Make Better Financial Decisions? Our List Contains the Most Trusted, Credible Authors Who Provide Honest Information. We Promise, These Blogs Will Make You Excited About Personal Finance.

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The 24 Best Financial Blogs You Should Follow


When looking for financial advice, there are a lot of sources you can turn to.

From financial advisors and financial magazines to financial blogs- which is best?

The answer depends on what your needs are.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the best financial blogs out there – so you know where to go when it’s time to find advice.

Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn writes the Smart Passive Income.

The goal of the website is to help readers find success in their financial goals and dreams as well as make a living from what they love doing most.

Pat’s main topics on his blog include entrepreneurship, passive income1 streams, podcasts, side hustles, and so much more.

View Blog: Smart Passive Income

I Will Teach You

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Financial blogger Ramit Sethi writes this blog where he offers financial advice for people looking to improve their financial health.

The material is distributed both in personal finance books and online courses.

You can find more information on his website – Iwillteachyoutoberich.com which teaches how to earn and spend money wisely.

View Blog: I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Wise Bread

Wise Bread

Wise Bread is a financial blog that has been around since 2006.

This site offers advice on various topics like: debt, savings, investment, financial planning, and more.

The site’s primary focus is to make financial topics easy for all readers to understand.

It does so by providing straightforward explanations with personal examples on how they work in real-life situations.

View Blog: Wise Bread

Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache

You could save a fortune if you follow the financial advice in this blog. The author of Mr. Money Mustache shares the tips he used to retire early.

With his tips he managed to keep an impressive 80% of his income from working full-time as a computer engineer.

He’s worked out a formula for people with high incomes, or who are already retired, to reduce their annual expenses, save more and still do the things they enjoy.

View Blog: Mr. Money Mustache

Money Crashers

Money Crashers

Money Crashers is a financial blog. They write articles on budgeting, financial planning, debt reduction strategies, retirement advice, and much more.

Money Crashers publishes new posts every Monday through Friday.

They feature content from writers who work in the financial industry as teachers or advisors.

View Blog: Money Crashers

Money Talks News

Money Talks News

Money Talks News is a financial advice blog written by financial adviser Donny Gillies.

The first post on the site, “How to Make Money in Real Estate,” was published back in 2010 and has been read more than 150k times since then.

It’s also one of the most popular posts on their entire blog, with over 31k likes and comments.

View Blog: Money Talks News

Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is a financial blog that provides financial advice for people living on a budget.

The three authors have a combined work experience of over 30 years in the financial field.

They write posts about saving money, making extra income, and buying items at low prices.

View Blog: The Penny Hoarder

Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is one of the best financial blogs on the web.

Its founder, Trent Hamm, tackles financial topics like building wealth and investing wisely with a refreshingly down-to-earth approach.

The blog also features articles about living more frugally2 so that you can save for what matters most to you.

View Blog: The Simple Dollar

Money Under

Money Under 30

Money Under 30 is an award-winning financial education program that provides financial information to youth.

It consists of a blog, podcast, and community forum where young people can connect with their peers and learn how to make smart financial decisions at every stage in life.

View Blog: Money Under 30

Good Financial

Good Financial Cents

Good Financial Cents is a personal finance blog from the creators of Mint.com. It has an understated design that stands out amongst the usual flashy financial blogs.

There are three main areas on Good Financial Cents: Personal Finance, Investing and Planning for Retirement. The content here is mainly geared towards people in their 20s and 30s.

View Blog: Good Financial Cents

My Wife Quit

My Wife Quit Her Job

My Wife Quit Her Job is written by a husband and wife team. The author, Kevin Denny, and his wife Kristin quit their jobs to travel the world with their six children.

They document how they, and you, can work from home and they share fantastic financial financial tips.

View Blog: My Wife Quit Her Job

Budgets are Sexy

Budgets are Sexy

Budgets are Sexy is a financial blog that aims to help people with their budgeting.

They provide tips and tricks on making your money work for you. They cover topics such as credit cards, insurance, and cash flow3 management.

The blogger offers up her personal experiences and shares links to the books/articles she’s busy reading. This makes the information more accessible for users.

View Blog: Budgets are Sexy

Investor Junkie

Investor Junkie

The financial blog, Investor Junkie, has a great deal of helpful information from the financial world.

An entire series on investing is called “How to Invest,” which contains many articles covering topics like investment strategies and asset allocation.

View Blog: Investor Junkie

Making Sense

Making Sense of Cents

Making Sense of Cents is geared towards financial advisors, but the articles are surprisingly readable for people that aren’t in the financial field.

The blog covers many financial topics and has an active community forum with more than 100k registered members.

View Blog: Making Sense of Cents

Afford Anything

Afford Anything

Afford Anything is a financial blog that discusses financial independence.

Steve Chou founded it after he left his job to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. He’s joined the ranks of those who have “thrown in their lot with Mr. Market.”

Afford Anything contains money and career advice, investing tips and personal finance articles for both retirees and young professionals.

He writes about financial philosophy for the masses and more.

View Blog: Afford Anything

College Investor

The College Investor

The College Investor is a financial blog to help college students and young professionals start their financial lives.

They offer articles on student loans, starting a budget, investing in stocks or mutual funds, and how 401ks work.

The posts are written by the founder of the site, Zac Bissonnette, who focuses on being a financial expert for the millennial generation.

View Blog: The College Investor

Side Hustle

Side Hustle Nation

Side Hustle Nation is a financial blog focused on helping people earn a side income and grow their financial future.

They provide the tools, resources, training materials, templates, and inspiration to help you make your financial dreams come true.

View Blog: Side Hustle Nation

Oblivious Investor

Oblivious Investor

Financial blogger Jim Wang writes the Oblivious Investor. The blog covers financial topics like personal finance and investing.

From what we see so far, the content on this website has been helpful for readers who are just starting to invest in stocks,

Or those that want to learn more about how different financial decisions can affect their retirement funds.

View Blog: Oblivious Investor


Retire by 40

Retire by 40 shows you how you can retire by 40.

Each month, the blog will take you through one step of the process and give you some practical advice on making it happen for yourself.

It’s time to stop dreaming about retirement and start living it.

View Blog: Retire by 40

Financial Mentor

Financial Mentor

Financial Mentor is a financial blog that helps with financial planning, retirement and other goals.

The site offers current financial news articles, as well as discussions on budgeting and investing.

They also advise those who are considering crowdfunding campaigns or want to start their business ventures.

View Blog: Financial Mentor



Frugalwoods is a blog about financial independence and living in the woods.

The financial aspect of this blog is what resonates with many people as it’s all about creating a life that can be sustained on a passive income.

View Blog: Frugalwoods

Dear Debt

Dear Debt

Dear Debt is a blog written by financial coach Annamaria Murphy.

Dear Debt tells the story of a woman who has struggled with debt for years and finally found an answer to get out from under it – one that’s actually freeing, not just financial.

View Blog: Dear Debt

Listen Money

Listen Money Matters

Listen Money Matters is a financial blog with personal finance, investing, and retirement advice. The site was founded in 2009 by Andrew Fiebert at age 24.

He provides sound financial advice that’s relevant for people of all ages. His advice is about making wise financial decisions today that will lead to long-term success and happiness.

View Blog: Listen Money Matters

Mad Fientist

Mad Fientist

The financial independence blog of Mad Fientist has an impressive following with over 100,000 subscribers to his free email list and a total of nearly 500 million site visits since its launch in 2011.

View Blog: Mad Fientist

Common Questions

What's Financial Blogging?

What Are the Benefits of Reading a Financial Blog?

How Can I Find a Credible Financial Blog?

How Do Financial Blogs Help Me Manage My Money Better?

In Conclusion

There are many financial blogs out there, but not all of them offer the same type of information.

Some provide general overviews and tips for saving money, while others focus on specific topics like investing or retirement planning.

Selecting the right blog will depend on your current needs and what you would like to gain from it.

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